Iron bloom(Legend of the Iron Flower ) by Billy Wong

iron bloom(Legend if the Iron Flower)

I recommend this book to anyone who loves strong female warrior types. Alot of Violence, Death, blood and gore. Very detailed when describing most of the killings Rose does in this book. She is a young Teen 15/16 yrs old and a freakishly tall and strong girl for her age as well as gender.  Rose becomes this warrior a killer of anyone she thinks is doing harm and will do harm to others. so while her intentions are always good she still feels she is a monster of sorts. she has 100s of kills. I personally thought it was a bit strange that she survived every and any injury that was mortal to her, she by all rights should have been dead in the 1st chapter of the book but she goes on to killing for a living because that is all she knows how to do throughout the entire book. I really thought it would come out with some big secret that she was immortal or something but she is just a human freak as she thinks of herself and others along with her.  Thier is a bit of paranormal  written into the book for a couple chapters but then it just drops off.  It is however a very good book and you don’t really want to put it down because there is a new adventure at every turn of the page. Rose kinda growns on you, she is very mature at times and others she seems to act her age but not for long. shes a born killer no doubt. Just when i thought the book was coming to a end and Roses life with it she lives on.

you will go through some gruesome killings with her, love and heartbreak as well  and you will come to love her. the book does end very abruptly however and leaves you wondering, which is the point for the next book to come in the ( legend of the Iron Flower) series.

I do not recommend this book to anyone who does not like strong female killers and alot of Violence, blood, gore and detailed killings.This book is not for not for everyone.

If you do like this kind of thing then by all means you will love it.  Buy it on

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