Say Good Bye To Sookie Stackhouse

sookie-stackhouse-charlaine-harris-goodbyeCharlaine Harris Says Goodbye to Sookie, Gene Wolfe’s Birthday, Stross Talks Merchant Prince, Pop Quizzes, and the New SFWA President!

The final Sookie Stackhouse book is here, and author Charlaine Harris takes a moment to say goodbye to her heroine and the colorful world she created in Bon Temps. It was also Gene Wolfe’s birthday this week and Mordicai Knode has a few words on Wolfe’s work, influence, and the fact that his face might be the one on the Pringles can. Charles Stross is talking about his hatred of clichés and how it led to his creation of the Merchant Prince series, we’ve got author pop quizzes from Raymond E. Feist and Benjamin Percy. All this, plus the new SFWA President was elected! Congratulations to Steven Gould and the other newly elected members!

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