The Devi Knows Review

The Devil Knows By K.C. Cavanaugh


The Devil Knows

A great read from K.C. Cavanaugh.  I couldn’t put this book down. Read it in a day.

From beginning to end you can’t wait to see how this one turn out.

 K.C. has the ability to pull you into this story and make you feel like you are part of it. She

 She puts  a twist into her story you don’t see coming.  It shows you what a true friendship is all about. How giving up something most dear to you means nothing when it comes down to it.  How life means nothing without your best friend in it.

This story will show you how someone can put someone elses life and needs before their own because that unconditional love truly exists is a real friendship.

This book is full of love, sadness, loyalty, love at 1st site (which I believe in) and what true friendship is all about.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a next book but it didn’t leave you wondering, it came to a perfect close. 

It does leave you not wanting it to end but it is a great ending. so if you like vampires, demons  and sassy women and all the things I mentioned above  you’ll love this book.

K.C. Cavanaugh is truly a gifted writer and I cannot wait for her up and coming series to be released.

I was a copy given this book for a honest review and I loved it. Great job well done K. C.!! K.C.Cavanugh is 1 of my new Favorite Authors.

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