GIVEAWY ~~ The Devil kNows By K.C. Cavanaugh

About Author
About Author

About the Author


K.C. Cavanaugh was raised a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  From a young age she had the penchant for creating stories whenever she had the opportunity.

The Devil Knows


The Devil Knows is a New Adult paranormal dramance!

College student, Megan, is devastated when she discovers that her best friend, Anya, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.   Stricken with grief, and unable to find conventional answers on how to help her friend, Megan turns to something so out there it couldn’t possibly work or could it?   Despite knowing the risks, Megan knows that she may be the only one that stands between Anya living and meeting her maker. That alone gives her the courage to gamble it all against the odds.   In comes the devil, and an unlikely alliance forged in something so dangerous it may cost her the ultimate price.   Her soul.

K.C. still lives in Pennsylvania where she spends her free time with her family – including her boyfriend, children, and dog.

The Devil Knows may be her debut novel, but it will be far from her last! She is currently working her End of Days apocalyptic fantasy trilogy, her Eternal paranormal series, and wrapping up a novella entitled Unforseeable Past.

To get the latest news on K.C. Cavanaugh you can follow The Cavanaugh Connection ( or like her fan page at

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