LOVE RENEWED (Love Trilogy Book 1) By C.S. Janey


Returning to her hometown after fleeing ten years ago, the last person Charlotte Reylin wants to spend time with is the man who had broken her heart and her trust, yet Trevin Green seems determined to show her that their love never died.
Though she’d sworn to never live in Oakford again, Charlotte Reylin is back after the death of her husband, living with her mother and her autistic five year old son. She never imagined she’d run into the man who had broken her heart, or the maelstrom of emotions seeing him anew would induce…
Trevin Green has loved Charlotte for as long as he can remember. After discovering that she has returned to their hometown, he resolves to let nothing get in the way of renewing their love – including Shelby, the woman who screwed things up the first time and seems to want to do so again…
Is it possible for Trevin to convince Charlotte to let go of the past and give love a second chance, or will she turn her back on it – and him – for good?
(Note: This book is first in a trilogy, but can be read as a standalone with a HEA. It is closed door.)

About the Author

C.S. Janey is a big fan of romance – writing and reading. The mother of one, she currently spends her days writing, reading, procrastinating, and protecting her son from himself as he pretends that he is a superhero. Love Renewed is her second contemporary adult romance. The first in her Love Trilogy, it can be enjoyed as a standalone novella. The other two books in the series, Love Desired (#2), featuring Ramsey and Arabella, and Love Hidden (#3), featuring Gwyneth and Lucien, will soon follow. Her first novel, Surrender To You, is also the first in a series, as well as a standalone. You can find all her novels, present and hopefully in the future, on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, All Romance eBooks and Smashwords, as well as those they distribute to – if applicable. To keep an eye out for those stories, as well as other exciting information, connect with the author at the locations below – and follow to stay up to date! TWITTER: FACEBOOK: GOODREADS: WEBSITE:
I found this book to be a very endearing, heartfelt  read.
I don’t read a lot of romance novels but I do take a break from paranormal once in awhile and read a few.
This book I found very interesting, not boring or wanting to  put down and quit reading.
I found myself actually wanting to find out what happens.
It brings you back to the days when you were a young teenage girl, stupid, naive and insecure.
When you don’t stop to think you just do and then you look back and  wonder ” what was I thinking”?
As for the characters  I could connect in a way but then others I just couldn’t but that didn’t make the story any less interesting or me wanting to read it.
I really thought Charlotte was a bit too “jump the gun” running off at the site of the man she was suppose to marry with no explanation what so ever as to why he was with another woman or if what she seen was what she thought she’d seen.
Who just runs and never comes back or doesn’t want some kind of explanation as to what the hell was happening that night?!
I know I would and I sure wouldn’t have ran off I would have confronted both of them on the spot. I d understand a lot of women especially teenager girls don’t do that or even think like that but most just don’t pack and leave either. they mourn, act stubborn and eat a lot of ice cream and cry to their friends, don’t accept phone calls from the boyfriend or what they assume to be their ex boyfriend at that point. Especially an engaged to be married couple.
I think Trevor deserved a chance at explaining to her not just her running off. I also think he did the guy thing and let her run off , of course not realizing he’d never see her again for years to come. But I do think he did the right thing in thinking she should cool down before  he got into a terrible fight with her after what happened. What he thought was right ended up being very wrong . I kinda really felt bad for him.
s for Anna, Charlottes mother , why didn’t she tell her after she got his messages the next day and she knew the truth if she wanted her daughter to come home so bad? you’d think she would have told her. instead she lets her stay away and marry another man when she knew her daughter was still in love with Trevor and he with her?!
I was kinda confused to as to why she didn’t kinda have a freak out when she found out her son had asbuagers disease. Even though she knew their was something wrong with him that’s still a shock to any mother and the kids with that disease are very hard to handle. she took it all too well in my opinion when she freaked out at the stupidest things earlier on in the book.
just a confusing part for me.
As for Shelby I’d really like to know if she really wasn’t as childlike as she lead everyone to believe and she just thought that she would get Trevor to love her or to feel so guilty after 10 years and telling him she remembered that it was him that lead her to get in the accident in the 1st place. I guess it kind of leads you to believe that she really is putting on somewhat of a show and is more lucid and not as childlike as she portrays herself to be. I do like how crazy she becomes at the end of the book. A true stalker.
who hasn’t had one of those.
As for the book as a whole I really did like it. I give C.S. a 5 star for her writing. It is very good and she does have a good storyline going dn it turned out so well at the end.
Who doesn’t like a great and happy ending to a love story right!
I don’t think there could have been a better outcome to the story. It was Perfect!
I do say if you are into romance read this book. If you think I didn’t give it a good enough review I was just pointing out what I liked and didn’t. not everyone is the same. I’m just not a great lover of Romance Novels but I do want you to take that into consideration because this book is worth reading.
Its very well written and she is a great author.
I was ask to read and review this story by C.S. Janey and I believes I owed her a bit more then that so I added a her book cover a blurb and a bit about the author.
I will be reviewing her next book “Surrender”.

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