Stefan never thought she’d come home…


After five long years, she’s within his reach and he’s determined to find out what she kept hidden from him, while hoping that his own secret won’t tear them apart again. 

Simon never expected to fall in love with her…
Asking her out had been impulsive, but suddenly the Doctor is falling for this woman who makes him ache like nobody else ever has and he’s determined to make her his. 

Elizabeth never knew she’d feel so strongly for two men…
Torn between the love of an ex she pushed away in the past and the love of a new man that makes her feel alive again, she must make a decision that will ultimately result in a broken heart for one of them. 

When tragedy strikes, will she be confident in her final decision?

(Contains mature content and adult language; suitable for 17+.)


Finally able to get off the plane, I sat until the initial rush of people had passed, then grabbed my carry on from above and exited. Letting out a sigh, I entered the boarding area and looked around for my mother’s bright red hair. Not seeing her, I looked down at my phone and turned off airplane mode, seeing a text message pop up as I regained service.
“Looking for me?”
Son of a…
At the deep voice, shock and irritation flooded through me. Turning to my right, my eyes landed on Stefan Pierce standing there with his hands in his pockets, the scowl on his face at odds with the gleam in his dark blue eyes. I couldn’t tell if he was happy to see me or royally ticked off. Probably the latter, since he’d no doubt been wrangled into coming to pick me up from the airport.
I, on the other hand, would be having a nice long chat with my mother when I got home.
“Nope, I wasn’t. I guess I’m gonna be renting a car since the person who was supposed to pick me up didn’t show.”
Now it was his turn to be shocked and I had to hold back a smile as his mouth dropped open just a little. Before he could say anything, I started to walk away, heading toward baggage claim.
“Didn’t you bother to check your text messages? Or did you just assume nothing ever changes?”
I stopped abruptly and whirled around. “Wow, you’re a bright one aren’t you? When would you have liked me to check my messages, on the airplane? Perhaps you didn’t notice I was looking down at my phone about to do that very thing when you said ‘looking for me’ so arrogantly?”
He blinked. “I wasn’t —”
“Yeah, you were. Now get lost.”

The Author:

Image of C.S. Janey

C.S. Janey is a big fan of romance – writing and reading.

The mother of one, she currently spends her days writing, reading, procrastinating, and protecting her son from himself as he pretends that he is a superhero.

Love Renewed is her second contemporary adult romance. The first in her Love Trilogy, it can be enjoyed as a standalone novella.

The other two books in the series, Love Desired (#2), featuring Ramsey and Arabella, and Love Hidden (#3), featuring Gwyneth and Lucien, will soon follow.

Her first novel, Surrender To You, is also the first in a series, as well as a standalone.

You can find all her novels, present and hopefully in the future, on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, All Romance eBooks and Smashwords, as well as those they distribute to – if applicable.

To keep an eye out for those stories, as well as other exciting information, connect with the author at the locations below – and follow to stay up to date!



My Review:

I really liked the charter Stefan in the book the best, I think that Ellie treated him pretty bitchy and kinda lead him on to think more was going to happen when he chased her halfway around the world to get her back. I did like Ellie’s attitude with a lot of smart comebacks to anything he said to her, pretty funny. Which made the book not only sad, and heartbreaking but witty too.  The book is very well written, a few mistakes which can be overlooked easily.

C.S. brings her characters to life and you can relate to them easily.  Even with the sadness, betrayal and heartbreak that you can definitely feel through Stefan even Ellie in her moments, but she breaks it up with her witty comes backs and hostility that  I really didn’t quite understand towards Stefan at first.

In my opinion she ran off , she turned into the bitchy fiancée without him knowing why and 5 years later when she has to return for a family crisis ( don’t want to give to much away). she still acts like its his fault when really it is hers. But in her defense he just left her and didn’t really bother to pressure her to tell him what the truth was and why he actions and her attitude changed abruptly. If he truly loved her and wanted to marry her then he would have not just walked away no matter how she acted. he would have tried to understand why. but guys aren’t always that smart in his defense.

As for Ellies best friend Gracy,  I think she is just a sneaky lying bitch. There is no reason she had to keep secrets from her friend like she did if she was truly her best friend then it was no excuse that she thought she was never coming home again. I would not have forgiven her but Ellie is clearly better then me in that department because she can and she is very sweet and tries to be a really good person and it seems to work for her. except she forgave Gracy but she couldn’t get past it with Stefan. I think he deserved forgiveness also even if he did go about it in the wrong way.

Ellie kept her secret and he forgave her for running away and never telling him until her return, which he tricked her into and I found quite amusing. so they both had their secrets its just one could understand and the other couldn’t so it ruined a  true love, two soul mates. I still believe they belonged together and should have been.

Now we come to Simon the great handsome DR, who I will never understand. he’s almost perfect and kinda judgmental in my opinion. You’d think the guy never lost this temper or got mad  in his life.

The way Ellie falls for him so fast and and just seems to forget about Stefan like they were never in love and she wasn’t having sex with him every Chance they got but  as soon as she got really angry with him and wanted to make him jealous she uses Simon and falls in love. I found him kinda creepy at first but you read and come to that conclusion yourself or not. I’m not going to spoil the whole book here so  this is the end result.

READ THE BOOK, its so worth it expecially if you like romance. even if you don’t I think you will enjoy this book.

I give it a 5 star.

I was given a copy if this book to review by the author qwho I find quite amusing myself.  Shes a very nice person from what I now of her and I really do enjoy her books.



3 thoughts on “SURRENDER TO YOU – By C.S. Janey

  1. Lori…your reviews always make me smile! I’m glad you liked it and Stefan seems to be a favorite. I’ve started writing both Grace’s and Yvette’s stories and can’t wait to share them!


    1. Thanks C.S. If love to read the story’s you are writing on Grace and Yvette, especially Grace. I just really didn’t like her…lol …so to find out her side would be great and I’d love to promote them for you. You have my personnel email, let me know. 🙂


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