The Tube Riders Series #2 by Chris Ward



What is the Tube Riders series about?
The Tube Riders is a young adult dystopian series set in 2075. A megalomaniac with unusual and secretive powers, known only as the Governor, has held the country in his iron grip for more than 40 years. Using huge perimeter walls to prevent movement and isolate production, while life in the countryside is serene, life in the cities is chaotic. Inside the walls of London Greater Urban area, a group of young people calling themselves the Tube Riders hide in the tunnels of abandoned London Underground stations, playing a dangerous game with trains. Their leader is Marta Banks, a 21-year old with an absent family. Her best friend is Switch, a dangerous ratty man with a twitching eye.
One day, they run afoul of a rival gang, and while escaping, discover a dark government secret that will send them on the run across Britain with the government’s deadly Huntsmen on their tail.
What makes Tube Riders different from other dystopian series?
Firstly, the trains. Tube Riders is dystopia with trains. Hanging from the sides of trains, stealing trains, crashing trains … trains play an essential part of what the series is about. Otherwise, its dark and gritty nature. This is a dystopia heavily influenced by contemporary dystopias such as North Korea. Not everything that happens in real life is nice, and Tube Riders reflects that. It’s dark and violent, but at its heart are simple tales of friendship, comradeship, and community.
How does Tube Riders: Exile continue on from the first book in the series?
In Exile, the surviving Tube Riders, led by Marta, find themselves on the run in northern France, in an quarantine zone filled with strange worker robots and deserted soldiers from Britain. As they try to find medical help for their injured friends, the Governor digs up an old a acquaintance to track them down.
When is Exile released?
Monday December 16th.
How can we contact you?
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