Cassie Scot Para Normal Detective by Christine Amsden – Review



Cassie Scot is the ungifted daughter of powerful sorcerers, born between worlds but belonging to neither. At 21, all she wants is to find a place for herself, but earning a living as a private investigator in the shadow of her family’s reputation isn’t easy. When she is pulled into a paranormal investigation, and tempted by a powerful and handsome sorcerer, she will have to decide where she truly belongs.

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From Publisher’s Weekly:

“In this entertaining series opener, Amsden (The Immortality Virus) introduces readers to the eponymous Cassie, a decidedly mundane member of a magical family. …Readers will enjoy Cassie’s fish-out-of-water struggles as she fights magical threats with little more than experience and bravado.”


My Review:

Let me just tell you , I started this book yesterday and could not put it down from the minute I started reading that is until I absolutely had to for something  like sleep or do life things that had to be done.

With that said this book  is very different , imaginative and just fun to read. Supernatural small town filled with barley any mortals so to speak, mostly all powerful magical people who all don’t like each other but some get along well and help each other out. Others are afraid of certain families because they are so powerful.  Christine has a great imagination making her book original not like a lot of the witch books you read. The book is really well written and so imaginative it hold your interest from beginning to end.


Don’t read beyond this point if you are going to read the book. gives away a lot of the book but not all of it if you want to take your chances go for it!

Cassie finds herself in a lot of extraordinary situations. she is the daughter of a very powerful family, magical family that is. she is the 1st daughter of 7 children and the only one who does not have a magical gift.

Cassie being mortal and all first works for the sheriffs office as a officer but gives that up realizing living in a magical town of various families she can not make a difference since they all live by different rules then mortal people. they believe that they do not have to follow regular rules and it is true they do not. she thought she could protect the innocent with her better-then -average knowledge of the paranormal but in the end it did not matter it only reminded her that despite her magical connections she was in over her head.

Cassie quites and moves on to getting her license and  opening her own agency the “Normal Detective Agency”. not that anyone calls her with normal cases because of her last name so she really never has a case until 6 months later a lawyer Frank Lloyd walks in and wants her to serve a subpoena to a witch, Belinda who  makes love potions and uses them to seduce men that can give her things. She is being sued by various men for ruing their lives and destroying families. she thinks this is easy money and an easy job but when she arrives to serve the subpoena their is no one there so she waits then another person arrives Evan Blackwood, a boy, man now, she used to be best friends with all through their school years until  junior high when something happened and they quit speaking. He is a powerful sorcerer now is is also known for love potions but that’s just a rumor as far as Cassie is concerned.

Eventually Evan casts a spell to get in because his cousins truck in the driveway and she has been missing since the day before. upon the break in they  find her dead which now makes this personal for Evan but he hires Cassie to help him find out who did this and what has happened to Belinda because she is no where to be found. The sheriff shows up because Cassie call in the murder but she notices he is not acting quit right, just to later find out he was under one of Belinda’s love spells. When they find Belinda dead at a cabin and see she was turned into a vampire then killed after everything starts to become very weird.

Meanwhile Cassie finds out her mother is pregnant again which will now make it 8 children and has her feeling like the odd one out and she also knows that 8 children will leave the family unprotected unless her mother has 9 but Cassie suspects she is worthless to them since she has no active power that they know of and is hurt and feeling betrayed and tells her father that she thinks they don’t love her, he reassures her they do but later she is betrayed by her family. only to be cast out as she suspected long ago. As all this is going on a vampire wants her dead and now being cast out and alone she is unprotected by her family. there are multiple attempts on her life, she thought after the 1st one she killed the vampire that her family would think she was one of them but that was not the case at all. more so they think she can take care if herself and still cast her out.  telling her she will be under their protection but that is really not the case. now any socecer that has found out she is now alone is trying to get her to marry them or will be. But I don’t think she realizes this yet.

Evan is really in love with her and she doesn’t know what she is. He ask her  to marry him but she couldn’t say no because of his magic which really makes her mad so she has to tell him in a different way and he saved her life when she was attacked by the worst vampire of all and she is now in debt to him “he owns her” there is no way to pay this debt besides marrying him but she is too stubborn because she thinks its his magic that makes her feel attracted to him. she had a crush on him long before he even came into his magic but can she trust this? she has no idea what she is feeling is real or magic. And her real boyfriend who is mortal has ask her to move away even though she told him she does not love him. but he wont give up on her as Evan will not either. So I guess in book #2 we will find out what is going to happen. I myself can’t wait to start reading it.

I was given a copy of this book by the author to review.





4 thoughts on “Cassie Scot Para Normal Detective by Christine Amsden – Review

  1. Wonderful (and thorough) review! You WILL get a lot of answers in Secrets and Lies. I don’t tend to hold back on secrets, I just try to give you answers that lead to even more questions. There are four books in this series altogether (it’s finished, so I’m sure). I hope you enjoy them as much as you liked this one! (Although, do try to get some sleep. Not that I haven’t been there… last night as a matter of fact. The River of No Return by Bee Ridgway… new author for me so I didn’t know when I picked it up that I was going to be soooo sleepy today!)


    1. A lot easier said then done. I started secrets and lies and read til 2am. I love this series!
      It’s different which makes it that much better and I love Evan, he’s the sweetest sorcerer. Too bad Cassie can’t see that or at least I haven’t gotten that far but I’m team Evan forget Bredan. Lol


  2. Evan is a sweet guy, isn’t he? I set out wanting to write about a nice guy. Some readers are seeing that, others are a bit too befuddled by his power and mysteriousness to notice, but as long as everyone’s enjoying it, that works for me!

    I think Cassie knows Evan is sweet, but she’s too caught up in herself right now. They both have a little growing to do. I think the key to truly loving someone is to think of the other person before you think of yourself.


  3. I think.he’s sweet , I knew it from Cassies flash backs of him. And then how he acts now. Well until the end but thats necessary. But he does nice thing like when her friend was so scar ed of him he went out of his way to get her a charm and take it to her, all for Cassies benefit I’m sure. But he cooks her dinners, he tried to hold her at bay when she got hit with the hopelessness spell. He could have taken full advantage and didn’t. Their so many things I can point out. But you have to read and understand a book. I think some people don’t do that.
    Cassie knows she’s just too caught up in drama with her family, Caitlin and now knowing she loves him. Well why does anyone think.that is? Not for power she can care less about power. But when she finds out the big secret what will that do to her ..I can’t wait to find out. I have so many questions and no answers.


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