Secrets and Lies by Christine Amsden

1 About the book:

Scot, still stinging from her parents’ betrayal, wants out of the magical
world. But it isn’t letting her go. Her family is falling apart and despite
everything, it looks like she may be the only one who can save them.

complicate matters, Cassie owes Evan her life, making it difficult for her to
deny him anything he really wants. And he wants her. Sparks fly when they team
up to find two girls missing from summer camp, but long-buried secrets may ruin
their hopes for happiness.
About the author:

author Christine Amsden has written stories since she was eight, always with a
touch of the strange or unusual. She became a “serious” writer in 2003, after
attending a boot camp with Orson Scott Card. She finished Touch of Fate
shortly afterward, then penned The Immortality Virus, which won two
awards. Expect many more titles by this up-and-coming author.

Publisher’s Weekly:

continues the story of the only mundane member of a supernaturally-gifted
family in this middling sequel to Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective. Cassie,
stubborn and proud, is bravely trying to live on her own after her family
disowns her. Struggling to make ends meet, she accepts a case involving a pair
of magical girls who disappeared from summer camp. With the aid of the handsome
Evan Blackwood, to whom Cassie is attracted despite her family’s disapproval
and her own better judgment, she follows the trail of the missing girls. What
she finds is a dark side of the magical world, and the hidden depths of her
family’s past force her to reconsider long-held assumptions. The growing complexity
of Cassie’s world makes this an entertaining installment, focusing as much on
the will-they, won’t-they romantic chemistry between Cassie and Evan as on the
primary mystery. An inconclusive ending is clearly intended to feed into the
next volume.”


The 2nd Book Secrets and Lies is just as captivating as the 1st book. I read this one in a day also.  Christine writes them so you feel like you know the characters can feel what they feel. you get so caught up in them.

This book compared to the 1st is just as imaginative if not more-so. If you read the 1st book there is no way your not going to read this one but I highly recommend you read them in order or you will be lost to what is going on.


Cassie now having her life saved by Evan is in life debt to him. But is she really or is it just that she believes that and so it makes it true? as all magic you have to believe for it to work. Evan in no way has taken advantage of that fact. He can make Cassie do anything he says but he never really tells her to do anything she doesn’t want to do and we know by now how stubborn she is. he does tell her however he will never let her go. she ask him I she can leave and she  moves back in with Kaitlin. He has no intent on making her do anything she really doesn’t want to even though he would feel better if he knew she was safe at his house protected. She think sits just a way of controlling her if she stays there. Of course every magical guy in the town thinks she is a burned out witch and wants her for breeding with 2 sorcerers as parents she can only breed a powerful child.Right? I won’t giveaway what really makes her want to leave you have to read the book for that part but she does move back in to kaitlins new apartment that has barley any furniture since the night her old apartment bunted to the ground but Cassie doesn’t care she is just looking for a way out of this debt plus she is still really hurt that her family has disowned her and she is just really confused with everything that has been going on in her life.

 Then they both end up with the disappearance of a cousin at summer camp that are friends and they are both ask by their families to look into it but they don’t know that until after they are ask. Cassies and Evan end up working the same case together. He still thinks she needs protection and she won’t accept it from anyone but that doesn’t make it so and it does save her in a few situations she really needs it. life or death.

In a not so good situation when they are at the camp looking for the 2 missing girls and Cassie gets kidnapped her father and brother are called in to find her by Evan. luckily Cassie remembers she has the stone that Evan can  find her if she is in trouble because she is so stubborn she cancels the cell phone she had that her parents paid for but since she no longer considers them her parents she wants nothing from them, they have deeply hurt her and she really wants to hurt them back anyway that she can but only she doesn’t see that this is not hurting them but her. Then in the middle of the case  she is kidnapped by the invisible person, she uses the stone hoping Evan will find her hoping he hasn’t been taken too.  Just a shes about to burn alive the wall she is trying to break through explodes and her father and brother are there along with Evan and his father and save her which turns into a big fight between the fathers and everyone runs for cover. Scott the werewolf, Evan, Cassie and Nicolas. A fight between the Blackwoods and Scots can not be good to be around. 2 very powerful sorcerers.

After all this Cassie still will not  give up looking for the girls and since Evan has to leave town with his father for a few days he wards Cassie without her knowing it and Brendan comes to visit because Cassie never returns his phone call. This is when she realizes after 3 years she was really just using him for a way to escape life and have fun basically because all through high school no boy ever gave her a second look but when Bredan came along he showed her attention and wanted her for her, she just wanted to feel wanted. She has now finally really realizes she was never in love with him and she tells him she is not going to move away with him using the excuse she is in debt to Evan, but truly if she left she could get away from Evan and her family and really be done with magic as she so much longs to be, or does she really? she lets him kiss her , for her  this it is a goodbye kiss for him I don’t know because before he can even finish the kiss he turns into a frog. Now Cassie knows Evan has warded her. She calls Evan and takes Bredan the frog there to be put back to normal when she hears them arguing. Bredan wants Cassie and he thinks Evan has spelled her into loving him and not Brendan.

Eventually after all this Cassie decides to give Evan a real chance, a date. she turned him down the 1st time because she thought she just wanted to say yes because of the life debt. Which is really not the case Cassie should no any spell is still truly within the persons heart and if the spell is weak it can make you feel really strong emotion. Like when she was spelled with hopelessness. but you’ll read about that. Then the night comes for the date and Kaitlin is really sick and by this point Evan thinks he can help her, now I don’t want to give to much away here so lets just say when Cassies cousin  Jason was in town him and kaitlin had their fun night which turns into way more. Kaitlin has a migraine and it is so painful she is actually channeling power and making the building feel like they are in a earthquake. Nicolas is trying ot use a spell on her ot make the pain go away when Evan comes in and finds he’s doing the wrong spell and they almost fight but Nicolas is a untrained fight starter and  can do spells but he is using the wrong spell which is making her worse. Evan fixes this and tells him why.

Now Cassie stays calling of the date with Evan for another day to help her friend.Which will find out later was much more then just a date.

Finally Cassie goes back to work for the sheriffs office and she discovers much more then she thought she would. but i’m not giving that away either. At this time her mother is really sick and in a human hospital which we know hads ot be serious because they do not do this. Casie comes to find out from Master Wolfe that she is needed for a spell to bring her mother out of a comma and she is so mad at and hurt by her mother she really does not want to do this but she can not turn her back on her mother. Which brings her ot forgiving her family in the end after finding out so much more then she ever thought.

So now after all of this Cassie excepting her family back and bringing it back to normal since all their powers are out of whack since she left has went back to normal but she ahs called Evan several times since they have solved the case ( yes I left all that out) and she has finally told him she loves him and she knows this is not a spell she has loved him forever so she goes to see him and he acts like he wants nothing to do with her. Her father has bought the debt she no longer belongs to Evan but she tells him this does not matter she is really in love with him and she doesn’t care that the Blackwoods and the Scots hate each other she loves him and she want to be with him and he has told her he loves her an the debt has nothing to do with this but now he is acting like he doesn’t want her. He shuts the door in her face and breaks her heart. Which she was warned he would do she just doesn’t understand why.  Evan is hurting just as bad but he does not show Cassie , he just shatters a window after she leaves then goes to the box he has wanted to give her on their date and  rationalizes that he has to push her away after finding out what he did to her and when she finds out , which he is sure she will, can she ever forgive him? She has said she would get revenge if someone did something like this to her  so he has to wait and see if she comes back to him. And this is what we are left with.

Now I cannot wait for the 3rd book to this series. I really wish I had that book now!

This book was also given to me by the Author for a honest review.




2 thoughts on “Secrets and Lies by Christine Amsden

  1. The series is great. I’m happy you ask me to review it for you.
    Just don’t forget when it’s released I’m 1st in line!
    I’ll be more then happy to do another bog post for you or a prerelease if you’d like.


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