A warrior Princess ( chronicles of Cathrine First Scroll) By H.F. Parkhurst

WarriorPrincess_KindleCover (1)

Since pasttimes throughout the Universe, a violent and often clandestine struggle reemerges. A bitter battle, it rages between the rational forces of reason, light, and life and the fanatics of faith, darkness, and death. On the planet Nartoul, this conflict will soon erupt into a ruthless war. The destiny of Katrin, a warrior princess, is foretold in ancient scrolls of the Eternals. She is the heroine intended to unite the forces of reason, against the seductive dogma of faith threatening to sweep like a malignant plague across the Three Lands. Katrin is slain, and her twin replacement must be found somewhere in the Universe. 
On Earth, Catherine a religious Earth woman endures a job interview from hell. Endowed with a shapely figure and possessed of a rational mind repressed by religious dogma, she spends her life running from sexual harassment and ignoring reality. She thus dreams of a place where God commands men and women to respect others equally, and value each other for their ability, not their gender or the shape of their body. “As if that would ever happen.”
Catherine, unknowingly selected to replace Katrin, awakens abruptly on Nartoul. She stands amidst near naked alien warriors engaged in a fierce battle with large, brutish thugs. She fights for her life in the lesser gravity. “Why do large, loutish thugs want to kill me, and godless warriors wear sinful attire?” 
The first major skirmish of the war nears, and Catherine’s faith based beliefs conflict with the reality realized by her emerging rational mind. If she fails to resolve the conflict, men in the thousands will be slaughtered, and their wives and daughters will be gang raped and enslaved. “Godless, rational people expect me to lead them against religious fanatics. Why me? How can I set aside my beliefs to become their heroic champion of reason?”

Image of H. F. Parkhurst

About the Author:

H.F. earned double finalist honors in the 2011 Florida Writers Association, Royal Palm Literary Awards. Born and raised in the northeastern United States, he lived in the south, southwest, and mid-west of the US as well as Asia, Australia, and Europe. A student of traditional Chinese martial arts for more than eighteen years, he practices daily. After a successful forty year international career as an architectural interior designer of offices and hotels, he sought a new outlet for his creativity.

At a time of turbulent conflicts around the globe, he chooses to speak with an ardent voice of reason against the injustice, violence, and hatred espoused by the irrational and fanatics worldwide.

H. F. enjoys spinning outrageous tales based on his real life experiences, flavored by a fertile imagination. His novels reflect his Objectivist viewpoint, where free individuals make rational choices in their own best self-interest. He lives with his wife in Florida, and currently works on two novel series; a Fantasy/Adventure and an Action/Adventure, as well as a series of short, sci-fi stories.

Read more about H.F. Parkhurst and see his latest books at HFParkhurst.com


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