Harsh Decisisons by Casey Harvell – My Review

20261721Lettie’s pretty sure things can’t get much worse. Really, going to hell has to be a low point. But she will go anywhere, she will do anything, to get Gabe back.

Join Lettie on the second installment of her journey. Battling demons (and conquering battlefields,) stopping and starting wars and family feuds all lead to one thing: Harsh Decisions.

About this author

An up and coming indie author, Casey lives in the Hudson River Valley of New York State with her husband and their two sons. She is slightly zombie obsessed and known to use the word “boom” frequently.

My Review:

Ok so here is my review , which is kind of hard for me. I was ask to read this book by the author for a honest review. I never read the 1st book so it was like jumping into a book halfway through which is really what happened here. If I had known there was  a book 1 I would have read it 1st.

The book is good it is definitely worth reading. very good detail of the otherworlds, not overdone. I liked Lettie and Gabe a lot. their characters are likeable you can identify with them even though they are after all supernatural. Lettie is a strong character, funny at times. I really like how she can just suspend people in the air. cool power! Gabe is sweet but a bit overbearing and warrior like which is his purpose. He’s just very protective of  Lettie but him asking her to marry him was too sweet, I like it a lot. And the timing can’t be  better but you have to read the book I am not revealing the secret because its just too good.

As for Chase which Lettie loves too but not as much as she loves Gabe, I liked his character. Now here I really wish I would have read book one because it was kinda confusing for me. Chase tells her he loves her, but she knows this already and then when they rescue Gabe and those 2 go at it over her, I mean I need more background here which would be book 1. Because they are all friends and for them to fight over her is just stupid, ridiculous really, Chase knows she’s in love with Gabe and Gabe knows Lettie obviously loves him to go through worlds to save him. Come on no girl does that unless she hopelessly in love right?! So for them to fight is just not making sense to me except that I missed something in not reading book one. but chase turns out to be bad anyways because of his jealously but in the end he does do the right thing because of his love for Lettie.

Let me not leave out Shay….in a few words I love him! hes funny, a best friend  to Lettie and just kind of adoeable!

ok enough of that I liked the book a lot  I definitely need to read book 1 to figure out what I really just read. Lettie coming into these powers finding out here father is good her mother evil and she didn’t want to leave her but had too. meeting her mother for the 1st time. really cool how she can sap herself to see her, anywhere really, that she has been before and actually maybe not just seeing it and picturing it she can do that. different, nice touch. but I need to understand more so again this is where book one comes in. you cannot read this book before reading that you will be lost like me.

I realized pretty much as soon as I started reading it that I was reading a book #2 so don’t skip that book. it seems to have picked up where whatever happened left off.

Worth reading no doubt. Casey has her own style, imaginative and unique.

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