Squato The Undead By Stacy & Jennifer Buck – Review

Get parts 1-5 of Squanto Undead: Wake the Undead in this collected edition of the series. Don’t miss the series that is Drop Undead amazing! Squanto Undead is an alternate history horror novel with bite. After ten years in slavery Squanto returns to his homeland to find what was once a paradise has turned into a living hell. Hordes of the undead roam unchecked across the new world. Europeans flock to this untamed wilderness in search of opportunity and freedom, but what they find is something much more sinister. Get the book that’s unlike anything on your digital shelf. It’s time to bite off more than you can chew. It’s time to Wake the Undead.

The Authors:

Image of Stacy BuckStacy and Jennifer Buck are a husband and wife writing duo born and raised in Seattle WA. Having known each other since they were sixteen years old makes their writing together a rich experience not only themselves, but also for their readers. Shortly after marrying they began writing Squanto Undead, an alternate history serial novel based on the mysterious historical figure. Stacy has been an archer and outdoorsmen all his life and brings that realism to the character. They live and work together with their five kids, two cats, and dog in a suburb just outside Seattle.


I recommend this book to zombie lovers, alternative history ,early American frontier day readers.
I read the book as a whole not as each part individual so it was a bit easier for me to.just stay in the story line. I think it started kinda slow but when it picked up which wasn’t long into the book it be same very good. Filled with Gore and killing of the  undead and vise versa . a lot combat scenes between the English and the Narragansett tribe then the Patutet tribe , Squantos tribe, again st the Narragsett. also.let’s not forget the zombies who attack everyone.
I didn’t really like Unbooko the chief of the Narragett tribe before or after he became chief he thought he was so smart but h e focused on Squanto basically for revenge where I think he could have put some blame not only on his father , the tribe itself and himself. Squanto I like but he became too caught up in his past when he future was right there in front of him towards the end. I do.like j e the mixture of fighting skills he had learned from his tribe and the monks who saved him which I think he could have taught the Englishmen he was trying to help save, his friends, Thomas, Ben and Will. or at least enough skill to help them survive better.
I also think there was a lot left open in the end. Th j mas was hurt badly by a zombie..what happens to him, does he turn? Does Squanto become chief his rightful place ? he has a lot to teach a tribe in ways of survival. but hey there can be a book 6 right? Like I said a lot was left open.
It is however a well written book , a lot of creativity put into  it and I’d say a lot of research too due to the knowledge of the early American English.
I would recommend this book but not if you can’t handle gory details of undead and those being killed in detail with axes and arrows and of course zombies way of killing.
otherwise read it, it’s worth the time especially if you into everything I mentioned.

I was given this book for a honest review by the author who is quite talented I believe. looking forward to your next book.

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