A Bit Closer to Heaven by J.M. Janik



Marcus King is getting bored with his job killing Demons, but he can’t quit now.  A Demon kingpin is flooding the streets with a new demon-created drug.  Facing long odds, Marcus is forced to team up with his old partner Vixen to battle back the Demon’s forces.   If they fail, the whole city could find itself serving a new Master.

My Review:

I was caught up right away when I started reading this book. Its very different. Angels, Demons, Nephalim which aren’t knew to us paranormal readers and their basically the same in all books but I’d say J. Janik put a bit of a twist on it. The characters are likeable. interesting. I just think there were too many fight scenes with demons in the book like he was just filling space. it became repetitive to me. although the storyline is good which kept me reading on. If not for the storyline with the drug physco that was making all the addicts crazy at 1st but them loyal to whom ever be it a demon which was the point so they could use them for fighters or distractions against Marcus and his sometimes partner Vixen so he couldn’t catch the demon that was manufacturing the drug. who is by the way pretty ruthless but he’s a demon.

I liked the character Faith although she’s not in the book a lot which I think she could have been. There were some pretty cool items she made for fighting and very different then you see in other books. I just think she could have had a bigger part, made it more interesting….. maybe next time. Vixen I really didn’t think was the best character although at times she was kinda funny , a bit sarcastic.

Anyways It a well written book, i’ll give it originality as well. I would say its a too read if you like all the above I mentioned and you don’t mind a bit overdoing it on the fighting scene.

I was given this book for a honest review.



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