Iron Flower Book 2 By Bill Wong

Action-packed fantasy adventure with a powerhouse female epic warrior in the spirit of Achilles or Beowulf.

Years are only one way to age in this tale of a young warrior whose army-slaying sword belies her kind heart.

One of the greatest fighters in the world, nearly indestructible Rose lets few things strike fear into her–but magic is one of them. Nonetheless, she seeks out the magical dangers left by the ancients alongside warrior partner Finn and curious scholar Derrick in order to protect others from them. Their mission is complicated by Rose and Finn’s budding romance, as her choice of lifestyle conflicts with his expectations for the woman he loves. But after their quest pits against such titanic foes as a prince able to slay a thousand men in a day and a draconic archmage, will Rose be forced to embrace the very magic she fears?
A full-length novel. Second in the Iron Flower series, but you do not need to have read the first to enjoy this one – either is a great starting point to the adventures of Rose
The Author:
Image of Billy WongBilly Wong is an avid fan of heroic fantasy, with a special love for strong female warriors. He draws inspiration from the epic legends of old, and is on a quest to bring over the top deeds and larger than life heroes back to prominence in today’s literary world.

Billy lives in Coney Island, Brooklyn and as one can see from the picture, works as a ninja.

A Chinese ninja.


My Review:

This book the 2nd too Iron Bloom started right where the book left off which I liked a lot because the 1st book ends so abruptly. Again Rose is the strong freak of a warrior who has healing abilities that would kill a normal person 10times over.
There are many battles and wars where she looses friends and fights for friends and with them just because in her heart she Cares for them not to just fight. she doesn’t believe in war just protecting people who can yt? protect themselves.
she is trying to stop with yt? he help of Finn and HErrick.a possession of old world magic of souls that consume other people make them freakishly fast and strong. The 3 accomplish this then the book takes a turn to war where she hasn’t seen Finn in a really long time after her and Finn finally proclaimed their love for one another but she shows we are to help him fight and protect him. this part of the book. just took a turn so different from the end of chapter 6. end of act 1 that it seemed not to fit for me. it k I’ll mad threw off the storyline.
Then when Finn shows back up they end up on a new adventure of finding magic, the very thing Rose despises. But when Finn who can’t even read can read the book.and attains all the magic she becomes concerned she will lose him to this but still follows him to discover it because she loves him.

so my opion of the book is , it’s not as good as the 1st book which I found easier to really get into. This one just is a bit off balance , jumping from soul stealing to war back to old world magic, but it is good. you most definitely need to read book 1 first.
It’s well written which is also l ways a plus.

so.if you l ukulele keep war, Gore, strong women, freakishly, men Alike and a bit of magic you’ll enjoy this book.
I’m going to read book 3  and see where this leads because am a fan of Rose.

I received this book for a honest review.

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