Equivocal ( Abduct#2 ) by Mercy Cortez


Mercy Cortez

The best selling Messy and Shattered has a sequel coming. On 02/03/14 Equivocal will be released. Make sure to grab a copy on Sunday!

I can’t wait for you to read it. If you want a pre release copy please contact me as I have limited available.


Second book of The Abduct Series.

Sometimes in life you are put in a position that causes you to make a difficult decision.

Sometimes, the decisions you make effect other people.

Yesterday I was saved from a fate worse than death, I was saved from being sold to the highest bidder.

I should be grateful, glad to be alive. I should be.

The man beside me, driving the car we just stole, he is the reason I was nearly sold, the reason my fifteen year old sister was killed, after all he slit her delicate throat.

Could you let go, pretend it never happened? Trust a murderer? Or like me, would you need vengeance – justice?

As Heinrich Heine once said “We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged”

I thought about forgiving, but I want revenge, I want what’s mine.


A Bit about the Author:

I’m Mercy, in my twenties. I love to read and subsequently love to write. My genre is predominantly romance with a twist, I like stories with more depth and although I strive for a happy ending I won’t force one if I feel that it doesn’t fit.

Thank you for looking at my books and my page, I’m also on Goodreads and Twitter.


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My Review:
I would recommend you  read Messy and Shattered before you read Equivocal otherwise you’d preobably be pretty lost as to what is going on here.
As for the book;
I wouldn’t say it is as twisted as messy and Shattered was but its got its moments, Its intense, dark, emotional and violent. Very good read, very well written and nothing about this book is hidden, glamourized I guess you would say as well as the 1st book. Mercy just throws it all out there and shows the world as it truly can be, Harsh, Intense and Cruel. What can happen and does happen to young pretty girls in this world who are out there not paying attention, oblivious  to these sick and twisted individuals who are out there hunting them, stalking them when they are away from home or even in their home.
What can happen to these girls when they think they are on a fun filled vaction with their family or friends and having a great time only for it to end in disaster, they  never see coming until its too late.
As for the book and some spoliers:
If you read the 1st book you know the story of the tragic events that happened to Amiee now called Nicole, she is under a assumed name on the run from sex traffickers with her abductor Draco who she has become dependent upon and is really in love with even though she hates him, despises him for killing her sister , slitting her throat and justifying it with the reasoning he had saved her from a life of hell being sold ad rapped repeatedly at the age of 15. Which in time we will come to find out that Amiee agrees with and she does doubts herself now with the thought that if she was spared as Amiee was she would be just as screwed up in the head, scared for life from the torture she was put through when she was abducted.
Saved by Draco and his boss Jethro instead of being sold off into sex slavery because Draco fell in love with her. who is now called Rupert by the way.
Since they ran to Ireland to hid Amiee was unwilling to leave the house until Draco kinda forced her to go out, she wanted to read so he got her a library pass and she started going on her own instead of Draco bringing her books to the house all the time , he thought she had to go out it was unhealthy for her to be locked in the house all the time not willing to go out. Then she  makes a friend so she thinks. A man she has began to trust and she talks to but never revealing to much. He seems to be nice to be trustworthy.
Little does Amiee know he is far from safe, trustworthy or even kindness as he portrays himself to be.
Draco sees amiee with this man and thinks how much is lives her but how he should let her make her won decision if she wants to be with him or leave him so when he gets drunk and says things to Amiee and she runs to this other man and he is so kind to her, lets her stay at his place even though when she is there he puts on this movie that is very disturbing to amiee and he sees this but has no idea why, se is crying when this girl is rapped and he thinks she is crying for the girl but she is not she is crying for herself for all the other girls this happens too and she knows the truth about all of this, the trafficking the constant beatings the breaking down of your very soul from some of the meanest nastiest men you’d never really want to meet but she has.  She does notice however that he seems to be watching her more then the movie itself but this raises no flags for Amiee. Now you would think it would right after all she has been through in the last year after all?
So as the day goes on they do their thing, go to the library and Draco shows up and tells Amiee she is free to live her life to move on if she wants. This actually hurts her she realizes after he leaves. she is really in love with him and she thinks maybe he just doesn’t want her anymore, how can he just throw her away? She ends up back at the apartment with this man she thinks is so trustworthy until he knocks her out and she wakes up tied to a chair. she is thinking ” really how any times can this happen to one person in a life time”. Is she really this unlucky?
Ok well I don’t want to give away to much of this book so I am stopping here, you need to read this book!
Find out what happens to Amiee, who this mysterious guy, friend, really Is, does Draco come to her rescue or does he just think she decided to go worth  this other man that he thinks is creepy anyways, he gets bad vibs from. Will he save the love of his life or will Amiee meet he fate that she thought she was going to meet when when she was abducted the 1st time?
I give this book a 5 star. I think mercy did her home work on book one and  brought it over to book 2. Its very well written and ass I said its Dark, Twisted, emotional, heart wrentching , sad but I can’t say I would have it end any other way. I think its ending is what it should be. The way it really was meant to be.
I was given this book for a honest review.

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