REDEMPTION BY Donna Augustine the final book- RELEASED in the “KEEPERS SERIES”

redemptioncoverkdp THE FINAL BOOK IN THE KEEPERS SERIES “REDEMTION”, RELEASED ON AMAZON NOW IN EBOOK AND AUDIO BOOK.    Free Book code for book #1 The Keepers. Get your Copy Now


Up until now, I’ve done everything wrong. Deserted and feeling more alone than ever, I need to lead my people in this new barbaric world. I’ve got to defend them against the power hungry senator and shield them from even themselves. All this while my heart is being ripped to shreds.

Sometimes, redemption is found in your darkest moments.

My Review:

1st let me say I am very sad that this is the last book in the series. I have grown to love the characters Jo, Cormac, Collen, Dark, Burrom even the Sentator  who just kept things interesting and started this whole mess to begin with.  So saying good bye was sad and I will miss them all. expecially since jo stopped whimmping out over everything and became a kickass bitch. Also Cormac with his HOT version I have created in my mind and that I don’t give a f#@k attitude,” I run things and theirs nothing more to be said” until Redemption of course.

Now I have to put this out there, Donna you have become the writer I always knew you were, although you may not think so : you are more confident in your writing, this book tells it all, you have went beyond what I know you think you are not capable of but you are, and you put it all into this book, you wrote a amazing book. I would say you “finally came out of your shell, your dark little comfortable corner in your world  and wrote a kickass book that is sure to blow your readers away! I know it did me from the 1st chapter I seen something I have never seen in your writing before and it continued one through the entire book. you have come so far and I am very , happy,  just ecstatic for you.  Since “Obsidian” you have just became a amazing author finally comfortable in your own shoes so to speak. No holding back in this book you just let it all flow and found yourself, your style of writing and it is your own and its great, imaginative, descripted to the perfect point and character wise  you have made them come to life to me and i’m sure all your readers. Its like i’m right there with Jo, Collen, Cormac, Dark and all the rest going through the bad feelings , the good feeling and fighting. I’ve became part of this series and now I have to say goodbye. 


I am not going to give to much up about this book since it is not released yet but I am going to say BUY IT! If your a fan of the Keepers series you sure don’t want to miss this book.

The BEST in the series and that is no exaggeration.

I’ll tell you Jo is on her own she is heart broken and she doesn’t know if and when Cormac will return. But she goes about her daily routine acting or trying to put on a act  that she is in control and she is fine, she  will do so until she has to if this is forever or maybe for a short time. she is powerful and no one knows to what extent she is powerful too. Of course they are pretty much all scared of her but will they betray her? the wolfs she is sure killed her mother, watching and waiting for their chance to take Jo out too?

The Description of the hotel which is now a castle, almost everything is stone. at least when it created itself it added fireplaces to all the rooms so they do stay warm. The weather is nothing but snowy and cold, yes in vegas. Cold like frostbite cold. The senator makes his almost weekly visits to Jo since Cormac is gone. He has called a truce but will this truce last? Is it just another evil ploy to get Jo’s guard down? You will find this out and yes it is good!

All the changed have weird powers too. It seems their are few if any human left and god only knows whats beyond vegas, as far as they have gone nothing. No one. Their are spys for the senator in the castle and Jo has no idea who they are. Her allies are pretty much Burram and Dark. sure some of the changed too but who can she really trust? And now that Burram looks like Cormacs brother its hard not to think hes hot as hell . But Jo wants no relationship of any kind with as broken as she is over Cormac. Burram is by her side though and sure he tries hes a perv but they are just friends.  When war comes and it will who is going to stand by her side? Will they all run or will they stay and fight?

There are so many surprises in this book you will not beable to put it down. I was so engrossed in this book when I got to read it, yes you should be jealous cause its, but you will love it. Like I said it is Donna’s best work yet. I can say ever because who knows what she may surprise us with but I doubt she can surpass herself with this one. I think she has reached her potential maybe to the fullest , maybe not, but if she can top herself I will be surprised cause this book just blew me away like I said from the moment I started reading it. And not just the story the writing itself although the story is awesome ad so sad to end even though I will tell you the ending is unbelievably GREAT! Its not sad but happy even though I am left sad because I have to say goodbye.

So all  props to Donna Augustine for writing the best book ever in her series and I cannot thank her enough for trusting me to read it before hand, and trusting my thoughts on the book and all the books she has written. Ok I am not saying goodbye to Donna it sounds that way, just the series and Jo and Cormac, I will miss them..  I am looking forward to her next new book to come, be it a series or just a one time read. I know whatever she feels in her heart and soul to write it is going to be nothing but the best!

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