PASSION OF AN ANGEL (Shade of light) by Suren Fant- Review

18679415A captivating, mystical and erotic story about the life before Earth. The first world was ideal, the first humans were immortal, everything was given to them to ensure a happy and endless future and life seemed to be going perfect. But there was a curious angel who changed the course of life.
To begin with, angels hadn’t any feelings, they were cold, emotionless creatures wandering around the new world and examining the surroundings. But one of them learned to feel and to see the beauty of God’s creation and for that life, even the angel is surely ready to leave even Heaven.

About the Auhtor:

oSuren Fant

Suren Fant (Hakobyan) is an Armenian writer living in Yerevan with his wife and son. He writes fantasy, mystery and horror stories.
He writes both in English and Armenian, has got a lot of novels and short stories in Armenian. Besides Suren has written a novel in Russian too.
Suren works as a constructor now. Lives in Yerevan.  


My review:

Ok the story is good but it lacks originality. Growing  up in a Catholic house hold and going to Catholic school  maybe why I think this but it seems like what I learned in 3 rd grade about Adam and Eve. The only difference is that Lucifer wasn’t blamed for Adam and Eve’s wrong doing of eating the Apple. it was more of Eve made Adam bite the Apple and they were banned from the garden. So just a bit of a twist to a old story. which who really knows maybe angels did have something to do with it. Lucifer was exiled for his bad rebellious behavior by his father No one really knows what is the truth and what is not.
The book was written ok but no imagination in my opinion.
I think Suren is a good writer, theres just so much more that can be put into a story and I’m sure the imagination is there so I hope in the next story Suren writes it’s not like this but original.

I think if you don’t know much about the story of Adam and Eve you may enjoy this book. As I said it is written well, Suren has tried to put a spin on what happened in the Garden of Edan , even changing that name and adding Lucifer and his brother to the mix. Lucifer falling in live with the beautiful women he meets and she him even though she knows she belongs to Adam. Lucifer does however tempt her with the apple tree both her and dam knowing this is a forbidden fruit but Eve sees the snakes that Lucifer tells her will guide her and this is what makes her think it is ok for them to taste the apple when all hell breaks loose after the 1st bite and they are forced to leave the garden. It is a short story so nothing is really told after this. check it out it might be something for you its just not the book for me.

I was given this book fur a honest review.


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