Dark World by Danielle Q. Lee

She thought it was just an urban legend.

She never thought it could happen to her.

She was wrong.

When seventeen-year-old Scarlet Prince disobeys her parents and ventures out on her dream date, she soon learns the terrifying truth—monsters do exist.

And so does Hell.

Now a monster herself and damned to a strange nocturnal realm crawling with demons, sphinxes and gargoyles, she fights to keep what sliver of humanity she has left.

But the Devil has other plans.

Watch for Book II in the Dark World Trilogy! Due winter 2012!

Image of Danielle Q. Lee


Danielle Q. Lee lives in Canada with her husband and two children.




 My Review:

This book was referred to me for a book club read, it seemed pretty interesting so I read it. It was not as I had expected. Its was actually  better.

The book starts out with a naïve young girl with pretty strict parents , unpopular at school and the boy she has been hoping forever would notice her has finally ask her on a date.  Scarlet is thinking this is going to be the best time of her life , a movie some star gazing after which she really is into, astronomy. So she is more then excited until the boy takes her to the woods and every instinct she has is telling her as they go further and further into the woods that something is wrong but she follows anyways. This is the night of the local legend that 3 girls disappear and are never to be found again. Scarlet never imagined she would be one of them.

As it happens Scarlet is the only girl the 3 boys can get to the woods so she is sacrificed alone, this is not the way it is suppose to be , there should be 3. So when she wakes in the Dark World she is a lone Born Shade, very rare. She is awakened but captured by Kane and one of his warriors. She is hungry for souls, this will now be what sustains her forever. But on her journey with Kane they are attacked and she saves him, actually heals him. She is rare and Kane sees this, she adopts a newly born gargoyle named Ick by her because when he came out of his cocoon he was icky which was kind of cute. She is taken back to Kane’s home and meets his daughter Ever where Ever has never been topside before and has all these questions for what Scarlet is now called Fate. Kane named her when he found her.

Now Fate and Ever become friends and Ever takes her on a journey in her world underground and she discovers Dargons and birds she has never seen before, Ever brings her a bird for food and she cannot bring herself to kill this helpless animal so she befriends it. Kane gets upset upon his learning that Ever and Fate are alone, scared for is daughter that Fate might kill her he overreacts and Fate runs. She is again in the Dark World alone until she happens to run into a rouge Shade who will show her another part of the Dark  World, Necromancers, unicorns for food and a master who is not evil but actually quite nice not like the one who calls to her in her head, maluc the one she was killed for the one who promises the humans who sacrifice young girls immortality. So many suprises, Unknown forests , Gardens , animals fate would never have encountered in the real world,plants, and stutes that amaze her. everything is kind of overwhelming for her, she has powers she has no control over yet and my guess is they will only grow stronger so she can return topside, back to earth . she is amazed by everything but confused as well. she is in love with a demon, the devils son and she is so unsure what she is, isn’t she evil herself? Rare more powerful then any shade born yet? special? read the book to find out you won’t be disappointed.

Its a amazing  tale of the underworld and  I really liked the imagination put into this book and also a bit of romance. You can relate to the characters plight and it will leave you wanting to read more, I’m sure I will be reading the second book in this series. its very enjoyable which makes it a fast read.




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