Mind Games a Cassie Scot Novel – Review


This book is on virtual blog tour also if you’d like to see what its about befirecreading my review.

My Review:

Again Christine dies not dissappoint. Witches, sorcerers, mind mages, seers, and crazy church goers add to this book.

Cassie has finally gotten the answers she was looking for all along . Is she burned out like everyone thinks or repressing her magic or Does Evan have her magic?

She’s back at the sheriff’s office doing what she lives but if course she’s investigating a murder in the magical community. She once again get a new partner who appears out of no where , it takes her some time to figure out it actually Evan. He will protect her no matter what the cost. Is it because he feels guilty or because he really loves her?

Just one of the many questions in thus book that Cassie is confused about. Then theirs Matthew a mind mage who she decides to marry very quickly. She so sure he is not controlling her but is shecwrong about that too?

Theirs alot answered in this book from the previous books but then your left with mire unanswered questions for the next book.

It’s well written, a fast paced read, has it twists and turns that leave you guessing and the ending is perfect. I can’t wait fir the release if the next book in this series. I’m sure you will feel the same.

If  you’ve read books #1 & #2 you will know if not I suggest you read them before reading book#3.

2 thoughts on “Mind Games a Cassie Scot Novel – Review

  1. No problem Christine , happy to do.it. I really enjoy the Cassie Scot novels. What’s not to like, witches, scorers, mind images, seers and so on. plus a bit of romance, decite and violence and comedy. Can’t ask for more.


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