Karma By Donna Augustine – Upcoming Release

Karama is the 1st book in Donna Augustine’s new series.

Release Date: July 10th



People say karma's a...well, you know. Personally, I don't think I'm that bad. 
It's not like I wanted this job. I wasn't even in my right mind when I accepted 
it. Now, I'm surrounded by crazy coworkers like Lady Luck, who's a bit of a tramp, 
and Murphy's Law, who's a bumbling oaf. 
But the worst is Fate.He's got a problem with transfers like myself, and I have to see him constantly. 
It's unavoidable. We're hunting the same man, my murderer.


Intriguing , suspenseful, quirky, unique, a real page turner.
I found this book to be very different then anything I have ever read.
It kept me wanting to  more from page to page.
Unique storyline, characters and very well written and thought out.
I found myself very involved with the characters and for any book that is a big plus or its just not well written if you can't relate or become involved with the characters and what's going on with them.

I loved this book, the storyline was so different and the characters so intriguing you just couldn't help getting attached to them.

Camille is one the main character or Crama as you will come to know her. She is a quirky , smartass kind of girl, strong willed , intelligent and stuck with a person she really doesn't like "Fate". He is a not so polite big guy who's very good looking and not so easy to talk to for Carma or "Karma" as you will come to know her a both.
She is attracted to him but doesn't like it one bit and he Is attached to her to teach her , her knew job on earth. So she is stuc with him and vise versa. Her being a transfer which you will come to find out the meaning of( I don't want to give too much away), makes him angry and he makes her life a bit difficult for just that reason.
but things will change and soon enough.

As you can probably guess Karma has a job to do here and it is to put this right as where Fates job is not only to teach her but to see peoples fate. so those 2 working together for the job she has to do plus with the goal to find her murderer becomes very interesting. As does the relationship issues they have with each other. 
Karma, rules or no rules, she intends to do t he right thing by her standards so she botches her 1st job pretty bad I found it personally satisfying, I think she did the right thing even though it did come as a surprise to me. 
The there's Harold, who knows what he really is, The Boss? and he is not so happy with the job Karma has done, well more as to how she did it. so she gets the law laid down, so to speak and she doesn't really care what he has to say as a matter of face she pretty much defies him at every turn.
Suit who we have no idea what or who his is and is he responsible for her death and why?
Paddy, yet again we have no idea what is up with this guy, him popping in and out with riddles basically to help karma.
Their are more characters but they all play kind of a small part but are significant and I found some of them interesting, strange and some even a bit cute and funny. 
I found part of the book sad, funny, suspenseful and kinda of heartfelt.

I'm not going to give any more of the book way, after all its not even released yet so when it is a suggest you grab a copy. You will not be disappointed.
Ms. Augustine I would say has really outdone herself on this book. I'd have to go as far as to say this is going to be her best series yet!
She has found her style of writing and it is a great one. You can't compare this book at all to the "Keepers Series." If you loved or even liked that series you will no doubt love this book.

I was given this book for a honest review.

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