The lost Dreamer ( Witches Brew) Volume #1 by Elizabeth Paradise









untitled (2)Witch’s Brew: Book One Trelian is a boy who has dreams that tell of the past and future, but he doesn’t know how to keep them from destroying everything he loves. He wants to lock the visions away, but he can’t if he wants to save the group from the tragedy ahead. Celeste is the girl who has traveled a long way to rescue Trelian with her magic. She must make him trust her if they have any chance of survival. Trelian wants to protect Celeste from what he sees in his visions, but he may lose her trust in the process. Around every corner lies an obstacle they must overcome before they can finally face the witch behind the chaos, and the demon she summoned to stop them. Book 2: Flower in the Dark Book 3: Paint Me a Tragedy Book 4: Winter Brewing (February 2014)

About the Author:

Elizabeth Paradise

Elizabeth writes fantasy/paranormal for young adults and new adults. She has been writing since 1994, and lives in Kansas. She wrote her very first book as a freshman in high school. It has never been published, but served the purpose of unlocking the incredible desire to be published someday.
Elizabeth also considers herself an advocate against depression and hopes that every person can find the courage within themselves to fight for happiness.

Jessica Harkin Chronicles:
1. A Glass of Wine (Urban Fantasy/Romance)(February 2014)

Witch’s Brew Series (YA/Fantasy):
1. The Lost Dreamer *FREE*
2. Flower in the Dark
3. Paint Me a Tragedy
4. Winter Brewing (March 2014)

Sun and Moon (A novel based on 5 previously published novelettes.)

Elizabeth loves hearing from her fans. Please contact her in the following locations:


I picked this book for a book club read and do I ever regret it. I feel like I owe my friends an apology for picking such a bad book. And I have apologized, sad right? does this tell you anything about how this book review is going to go?  now this book  might be for you but it is just not for me and neither was it for the people our book club.

It wasn’t at all what I thought it would be from the book synopsis. This book is categorized under YA and I think it should be under children’s books. not being mean but just honest.  Celeste the main character was as my friend would say a “Mary Sue.” character.  she was the all too pleasurable dream about weak female character’s.

Relain was such a whimp I wanted to smack him and say be a man. Just image a world where you are a powerful priestess , no wait you can do better imagine yourself as a all beautiful exotic priestess . You have a beautiful, powerful voice where you sing and this is how your “gift” manifests.

And of course what good is it to be so beautiful and powerful with no man at your side, so imagine  a Handsom boy who falls in love with you at 1st site.  is this good enough for you yet? Now lets not forget this boy is a lost prince who you went to retrieve and bring home to his rightful place with his family and those like him,  so what better a companion can you have right? now how will you save this lost boy who was stolen at birth or shortly after?  how about you the beautiful powerful priestess play “Knight in shinning amour”  yes not the other way around…and continuously rescue him from the evil witch  who stole him and still haunts him and puts evil spells in him? does this work for you?

This continues to go on throughout the entire book, Relain is the biggest , wimpiest character I have ever had the pleasure , or not, of reading about. 

If this book sounds good to you then you might want to read it , if it sounds childish and supper silly to you, trust me you want to skip it. also it was and might still be free on amazon. I would suggest however if you have children and want ot put them to sleep at night this would be a great continuous read for something like that.

I think the author has potential but she might want to skip YA and go straight to kids books. shes not a bad writer but the story is just bad. Well written in the sense of no mistakes, well put together paragraphs and sentences. Otherwise I cannpt recommend this book as a YA book. You make your own decision though , it might be for some people, as is said it was just not for me.



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