I am Become Zombie by C.L. Allen – Review







I could tell you that I hate being a zombie. I could tell you that the horror of bloodlust is just too much for my innocent young mind to cope with. I could tell you whatever you needed to hear to look past my rotting undead carcass and empathize with me on a more human level. But I’d be completely full of shit.

My name is Cha…wait, Jay…no, Gre…Dre…

Damnit. Zombie brain. Give it a minute.

What was I talking about?

Zombies. Yea, there aren’t many of us. And nobody’s really sure how this all started. It just kinda happened overnight, so we’re all rolling with it.

Anyway, I’m trying to bring on the apocalypse.

But I gotta go. There’s a fat guy walking up…


About the Author:

Image of C. L. Allen

C. L. Allen was born in Houston, Texas and currently resides as a college student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Physics while writing short fiction part-time. His first published piece, “I Am Become Zombie”, is the preliminary entry to a proposed trilogy of short fiction chronicling the thoughts and actions of an unnamed college dropout who recently joined the small population of zombies wandering about his city. C. L. Allen relates this character as a “loose version of [himself]”, though with a notably more cynical view of the world. Allen is a self-classified “writer of the ridiculous” and plans to continue writing well beyond achieving his college degree.



I found this book to be very enjoyable, interesting, a smart ass kind of funny, and well written.

I’m not much into zombie books but this is a different kind of zombie read. there is a lot of swearing if you find that writing style offensive, then don’t read it. I found it to fit with the dudes personality. why do I keep calling him dude? well because he never really says his name until he’s totally zombiefied and he’s not really sure if that’s it.  he does run into a lot of trouble in his endeavors as a new zombie. he’s pretty smart for a zombie, he has thinking ability ( I have no idea if a zombie would or wouldn’t but it adds character to this book and the main character.) He has a knack for getting out of bad situations but no luck when it comes to them either. He does seem to think better after he has eaten.  worth reading in my opinion. I found it a nice change of pace in a zombie book world.  Not your average zombie read.  give it a try you just might like it as much as I did. I personally can’t wait to read the next short story to fins out what happens to him. If the world is coming to a end or a zombie world. It seems not everyone has figured out that anything woerd is going on out there except a select few. But it is the middle of the night so most people are asleep. what caused this? I have no idea. I expect it to be some virus that has not been discovered as of yet.


Its a short story of 53 pages. A college drop out living in a shoe box apartment, not even nice, a shit place, basically who lost his job, can’t afford rent , goes out late at night to get gas in his car. He runs right into his landlord in the small gas station store , he is expecting  him to want his rent money and when he sees him he doesn’t know if he should run or what to do really. Instead his landlord is standing there staring , hes staring back , not knowing what to do then the guy  charges at him biting him, wtf right?

So  he runs out if the store forgetting his gas, he did grab his last $6 and some change. then he finds himself sick, unable to drive. He passes out in severe pain then wakes up, he has no concept of time, never really does anyways. But then he sees this woman who to him smells really good, like food good. He plans on eating her but has a blip so he’s out of luck. He ends up walking which isn’t very fast when he spots this drunk guy outside and he decides to have him for his dinner. After ripping his guts out he decides to do an experiment to see  if this guy will change even after he mangles him. so he’s sitting under this tree  thinking its not so bad being undead if you don’t mint the people eating part and he rally doesn’t. its kind of fun and interesting to him, when he gets hungry again. Not expecting to be hungry so quickly , he’s looking at the dude laid out on the lawn when he realizes he didn’t eat the brain which sound like really good to him, the best part to eat. So he starts on his way over to finish his meal when this psychotic dude with a gun shows up and blows the lawn dudes head off. No brains for him , he just lost his meal. So he has this sort of stare down with gun guy and they charge each other. He’s expecting the guy to run or shot him which he does in the shoulder, lucky hes already dead right? So this dude is running at him not away  WTF, he wants the chase, its the fun part. Well just his luck he finds himself roped and handcuffed being dragged to  house with other zombies. With the way his life has been going, and undead life he expects nothing less.  He’s thinking what the fuck,  this dude is hunting zombies , for what purpose , experiment maybe? He gets his chance to get free. does he? read the book and find out. Its a short story if  I tell much more you won’t have to read it.  I didn’t give all spoilers just a little version of the book.

I recommend it, its just funny and interesting. unique for a zombie book. Like I said a off the regular zombie read. Not all eating people and some crazy virus takes over a town that I know of yet, I guess I have to wait for the next book.

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