Benton: A Zombie Novel: Volume Two / Review


Jennifer Benton’s family died in the first wave of zombie attacks. She found friends in a small group of survivors, and she’s fallen in love with Mark, the charismatic young man leading them.

Though the survivors now have a fragile sense of safety, some of Jennifer’s new friends die, and she has a beautiful blonde rival. Jennifer thinks jealousy will bring Mark back.

She’s wrong.

And now everything may be over—for everyone…

Benton: A Zombie Novel: Volume One –

Benton: A Zombie Novel: Volume Two –

Benton: A Zombie Novel: Volume Three – Coming September, 2014



The second book to Benton A Zombie Novel Turns out to be just as unexpected as the first. Not as much Zombie action as the first book but I think you get to know the charatcers better.

Jennifer’s jealously rears it ugly head when they pick a very pretty girl, Lauren along the way to Marks Ranch. Upon arrival , No Zombies but also the house it burnt to the ground. They have no choice but to go to Tent City , a safe haven they were told about. They make it there with out pretty much any incidents and Jennifer, Bill, Katie and Lauren like it but Bill does not. He still has his own idea of finding a place to call his own home. He meets up with a dude who has a helicopter who hates the place as much as he does so Mark tells Jennifer he wants to go when they leave and of course she wants to take her friends along with her but they do not want to go they are happy where they are.  Jennifer’s jealously seems to be getting on marks nerves, which causes them to right. she can’t see him and Lauren are just friends but she thinks how can that be when Lauren is so beautiful? Lauren turns out to be a more rugged girl even though she is described as model perfect. Jennifer just has to deal with her own insecurities.

Then as all this is going on the camp gets breached and attacked by zombie from a dude who was kicked out leading them there. Now Jennifer wants to leave and because of “special circumstances” Mark wants to stay. You have ot read to find out what they are.

This is just another short read for Jolie Du Pre , that starts off basically where volume one left off. Its as I said not as gruesome as volume one but you do get to know Jennifer, Mark, Katie and Lauren better. Bill is around but you don’t really get to much more info on him then he’s a nice old guy and hangs with the old community. That has a twist too.

Its a very good read and I like how she really introduces the characters personalities so you can get to know them better. I’m looking forward to volume #3. If you read volume #1 you will want to read this book even more. If you haven’t read them I suggest you do. well worth the time and I read both books each in about a hour. once you pick it up you will not put it down until you are finished. 5 Star.

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