Time of Death Induction By Shana Festa / Review

timeofdeath_eBook_500 (1)When no one or nowhere is safe, where do you go to escape the monsters?

In a few short days, 37 year old Emma Rossi’s hard work will finally pay off. She will don her cap and gown and graduate with a degree in nursing, but not before she loses her first patient and is confronted with a new reality. In Cape Coral, Florida, a storm approaches. The dead are coming back to life.

And they’re hungry.

Infection ravages the Eastern Seaboard with alarming speed while attempts to contain the spread of infection fail. Within days, a small pocket of panicked survivors are all that remain of civilization. Fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse alongside her husband Jake and their dog Daphne, Emma comes face-to-face with her worst nightmare.

Relying on snarky wit and sheer determination, she is forced to commit atrocious acts to protect her family and avoid joining the ranks of the undead.



One of the best zombie books I have ever read. You all know I don’t much like the zombie books, their so not my favorite to read but this book has changed my mind, making me rethink that decision. It was so good from beginning to end I didn’t want to put it down. You go through, Traumatizing incidents, heartbreak, laughter, loss of friends, family, and those you just met but call them family because in a apoctoliptic world you don’t have anything else. Their are some really gruesome scenes in this book as well. Its well written and very original. getting to know the characters in  this book is easy. you will love Emma, meg and Jake. along with a few others.


Your introduced to Emma and Jake and of course lets not forget Daphne the little dog, from the beginning. Emma is on her last two weeks of nursing school training in the ER when a woman who has been attacked comes into the ER. She seems fine but when Emma leaves and arrives home at 1am it is all over the news that their has been a huge number of people at the hospital hurt and infected but they don’t know with what at  this point. Their is a hurricane going on at the moment too which makes this even more interesting because it really starts getting out of hand and Jake and Emma are forced to leave their home . They find a place to hide for the night. Their SUV is wrecked, the dog keeps attracting zombies when it barks which then Jake leaves the dog and Em flips out losing it and Jake feels really bad knowing he made a mistake. Yes little Daphne is back in the picture safe and sound. they finally find a car but with no gas and in the cape they keep running into dead end streets and it is making things way worse when they finally are about to runn out of gas they meet up with a dude Adam in a truck who saves them and a few other people he has picked up along the way. Luckily they run into the military and think they are saved. They make a home for about 100 people at the Target which isn’t bad until one of the soldiers gets infected and tells no one and turns on them. killing most of them or turning them. Emma and a few other people make it out safe. about 6 of them. as many as they could fit into the helicopter the military has brought in. Em shots their fuel source and blows up the Target on their way out so not let the zombie population grow. But all the while Jake is lost or dead, he went on a mission to find survivors since he is ex military he wanted to do his part against Emma’s disapproval. Now they have left but he knows the back up plan if they had to leave and Em refuses to think of him as dead just yet.

They end up finding a boat they keep far enough just out to sea that the zombies can’t get too. This is where they stay for a really long time. They go on missions to get food which some gruesome stuff happens, yes their are some really gruesome details. Anyways when the men are out some survivors on another boat come along and Emma doesn’t trust them but lets them on board, searches them but one sneaky dude pulls a knife and the next thing Emma knows she hog tied. can she get a break. NO. She is about to hear her sister in law get rapped when she hears other noises but she’s beaten pretty bad and takes a nice face wound and passes out. waking to see ….Jake.. yes he has returned, skinny, malnutritioned  dirty and scruffy. Emma goes through a lot in this book. you get to know her character very well. she is a strong woman and a cool personality . she can be a bitch , a klutz, funny and nice.

They end up giving the rapists what they deserve but not before they tell them where they came from. Because they had a boat full of supplies they knew they had to be held up somewhere safe. so then leave for the island where supposably their are 600 people in a small community . They arrive it is safe. they are all housed accordingly and everything is fine until one day Emma and Meg are doing laundry and they hear gun shots. the shots reapeat and they know something is wrong. They get their supply gear and run  for the boat which is fully stocked incase of emergency. they never really feel safe after all they went through so nothing is wrong with having a back up plan. Thank god they do, Emma is attacked by a zombie on her way to the boat  she barely makes it out alive or not turned. then they go back to where they they started from , docking in the same spot . Jake tells her the story of how their safe community is overrun. due to stupidity. ( read to find out) But life as they know it is just living day to day at this point . The Rossi family is intact now Emma wants to know what has become of her parents and that is going to , I believe book #2. She will be on a mission to find her family if any are still alive.

This book was so good I can’t even tell you, I gave you basic spoilers, not details, its a amazing story of survival, heart break, and  sheer willpower to live when you should give up from hunger or just exhaustion. But it shows that we as humans can adapt and go on in a gruesome tale. fiction wise of course. it changed the way I look ta zombie books. I will give more a chance since I read this but I think Shana has created a great book here, its so different and has she her own writing style which is a plus. I can’t wait for the 2nd part of this book to be released. For me that’s a big deal cause like said if you know me and my reviews I don’t like zombie books much at all. This is a big 5 STAR read.


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