SHATTERED by Sherry Soule book #2 in the Spellbound Series – My Review



Dark Magick. Town Curses. Dangerous Secrets.

Shiloh Trudell wishes she were an ordinary girl. But for as long as she can remember, she has seen otherworldly creatures that prey on the innocent, including her classmates.

With the body count rising, Shiloh resolves to learn more about the deadly curse on the town of Fallen Oaks, as well as the ominous shadows that seem to follow just a few steps behind Trent Donovan, local hottie and Shiloh’s current crush. For reasons, she can’t explain she’s inexplicably drawn to Trent and the haunting world of Craven Manor.

The dark secrets infused within the town have long tendrils, mostly affecting its teenage residents. And they’re not the only ones hiding something.

Someone in Fallen Oaks has put out a supernatural hit list on the teenagers in town, and now it’s up to Shiloh to face her worst fears, and then fight like hell…



Book 2 in The Spell Bound series is even better then the 1st book. You finally get the answers you’ve been waiting for. What’s going on with Shiloh and her witch powers, why Esael the demon wants her so badly. What her mother Darrah is all about and her ain’t finally returns to help her
Although their are more secrets yet to be revealed.
Trent finally comes to terms with the haunted manor after his mother appears to confront Darrah but I don’t want to give that away.
So let’s just say after Darrah puts Shiloh through bell no sixteen year old should endure especially from their own mother Shiloh decides it’s time to end it all and that she does. What becomes of Darrah I guess we will learn in book three.
As for Trent and Shiloh it’s clear they belong together but will they be?
Yes their both in love with each other. It never goes very far or even really gets a chance too even though the whole book you’d wish they’d finally get their s*** together and figure it out.
Shiloh has become more powerful also but has along way to go and now her friends know she’s a witch and was institutionalized. What’s school going to be like for her?
And the big revealed mystery Madison and what really happened to Shiloh friends.
You’ll have to read this book to find out those answers.
So if you liked the first book you’ll love this one. Me I can’t hardly wait to read book three.
I just love Sherry Soules writing although I do think she needs to find a editor who doesn’t skim the books and fixes mistakes. That annoys me and I came across a lot more then I’d like, plus a good book like this should be perfect . No mistakes.
So please next time get a beta reader, get a editor who reads and cares that it’s perfect you as a author Sherry deserve it with as well written as this book is. the storyline is awesome .

Those if you who have read these books should also read her first book Lost in Starlight. I think it was a very good book.



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