Don’t forget the read the first book in the series, Users Book 1 (A Superhero Novel) My Angels Have Demons available now!

A new designer drug has hit the streets of Seattle. More deadly and more potent than even Carter, a lifetime drug user, has ever seen.

With the power to summon fire from within his own body, Carter hits the streets. Knocking down doors and punching out teeth with a fiery fist, he will stop at nothing to work his way to the top of the elusive drug ring, but this time he’s not alone. As part of his sobriety, Carter must work the steps, and it’s time for his biggest challenge yet, becoming a sponsor to a young User named Barber.

Users book 2 is chalk full of interesting super powered heroes and villains, all with their own unique set of skills and powers. Superheroes battle it out in what could be called the fight club of superhero novels. Quirky, action packed, and foul mouthed, Users is Sin City meets The Watchmen.

But will Carter live up to the challenge or will he fail to keep the young man in check? And will he stop the threat the new drug poses to the entire city? Will Carter be just another fallen superhero or will he rise up and reclaim his former glory?

Find out in Book 2 of Users (A Superhero Novel) Off the Wagon

Written by a recovering addict, Stacy brings a realism to the topic that almost no other author could. Recovering addicts will appreciate the level of detail and compassion in which he handles the subject of addiction. Those looking for insights into the life of a recovering addict will be delighted at the level of clarity at which Stacy is willing to share his own personal struggles through the telling of this story.

Users is hands down the best superhero novel you’ll ever read. Get it now!

Are you afraid of starting a series that won’t get finished? You need not worry with Users. Each book is built to stand on its own, while containing a larger story arch that runs through all the books in the series. Even better book 3 is already in the works with a release date of this summer. You know what they say, great trilogies come in threes.

From the Author

Hey guys! Thanks for reading my crazy little superhero tale about an addict with super powers. I wanted to take a moment and talk about all the drugs in this book. As a recovering addict myself, I think I am in a unique position to bring a realism to Carter and this story in general that most authors would simply not be able to. I’ve got over six years sober and going strong.
Recovery is no joke and my intention with this book was not to make light of the subject. Heroin abuse nearly ruined my life, but I was able to bounce back with a strong support system and lots of therapy. So please don’t think I’m making fun of NA or AA or any of the great organizations out there that help recovering addicts. My intention was to write a story about what its like for a real recovering addict. All the normal human emotions you see Carter go through are real life emotions I have personally felt. I really poured my heart and soul into this book. I’m pretty sure that’s what all authors do, but this book was almost like therapy for me. If you’re an addict or a recovering addict or have been affected by an addict, know that it/you/they can get better.
That’s it. I just wanted to say a little something before I go and thank you for giving Users Book 1: A Suphero Novel a chance.

About the Author

Stacy and Jennifer Buck are a husband and wife writing duo born and raised in Seattle WA. Having known each other since they were sixteen years old makes their writing together a rich experience not only themselves, but also for their readers. Shortly after marrying they began writing Squanto Undead, an alternate history serial novel based on the mysterious historical figure. Stacy has been an archer and outdoorsmen all his life and brings that realism to the character. Also be sure to check out our other series of books like Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus. Clockwork Wings is a steampunk meets Greek Mythology series about Icarus and the Greek myths. Or try our superhero drug addiction series Users Book 1: A Superhero Novel (My Angels Have Demons) available now. While it seems that Stacy and Jenn jump from genre to genre, (Horror, Steampunk, Superhero) you will always find that their stories have an underlying theme of action and adventure regardless of genre. Stacy and Jenn live and work together along with their five kids, two cats, and dog in a suburb just outside Seattle.



My Review:

First I think book #2 is even better then book #1. I really love the concept if these books and you actually can walk away with something useful if you have anyone in your life who is currently using drugs or is a recovering addict. If you’ve read what Stacy wrote about author under this books description then you read this book or you’ve read it .you will totally understand and realize that what he us writing came from experience. You can feel in reading the book that it’s coming from someone who knows about addiction. Also i think if you are recovering this book coukd be helpful. You’ll read the bad and the good. From when Carter was a user to a recovering addict and also other addicts going through much of the same things in this book. Plus who doesn’t want to be a super hero right? In recovery you try to find something to take your time make you feel better, take time you feel is idol, weak time i call it, and replace it with something. Carter replaces his fighting baddies out there. In this book I think you really get to know all the characters a lot better. Carter who’s had a really rough life as a user of drugs and also a User with his powers ,as they are called in the books ,is finally getting ahead in life. He’s taken on the job as a sponsor, he’s trying to repair relationships, become better. Then his sponsee Barber turns around really quick what he thinks he’s doing right into wrong making him realize he has real responsibilities. I’m not going to give you Ll these spoilers so you won’t need to read the book. I’m just going to end this saying. I think this book is great! I think everyone should read it and maybe besides getting a good read, get a little education on the subject of an addict. Even though it’s turned into a super hero type almost comic book like story it’s very powerful.
Worth reading , I highly recommend and it’s really worth the 5 stars I gave it.

I was given this book by the author for a honest ‘re view.



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