Review: The Human Cure By Tracy Auerbach

untitledKate Plesser is leading a dead-end life as an office assistant with a penchant for bad relationships. She is lost. When Kate is kidnapped by Hunter, a gorgeous stranger, she assumes he is just some sick psychopath. She never suspects he is actually a vampire, and that she is about to be plunged into a world stranger than her wildest dreams. In the underground city where Hunter lives, she encounters his otherworldly cousin Chase, who holds the key to her freedom. She is thrust into a village where humans are farmed for feeding and breeding. In this mysterious new world beneath Queens, New York, Kate finds something she never expected.


My Review:

A good vampire romance story. I like the main characters. Each individual for different reasons.
Hunter is a vampire, more human like but was raised by humans until his real father summing him was to overpowering for him to control so he left his family to join the underground vampire family and a bit of a twisted one at that. Chase his cousin is more brutal constantly killing humans but drunks, bummed and people that won’t be missed. Kate the human is hunters choice for breeding which Jonathan his father, the head vampire , makes him do. He finds Kate and kidnaps her after meeting her in a bar and decides she’s the right one for him. This ends up all wrong and her and Chase fall for each other. The vampire who hates humans all of a sudden loves one. Hunter has his theories a out all this and tells Kate then Chase so they form a plan. This is where I didn’t quite like the book but not enough to drop it from four stars because the rest is pretty good. A nice love story and the story of how a vampire can live semi normal and not feed on living people. I just didn’t find it meshed well with how the story was written from the beginning. It has a very “what we think vampires are “, story line. Then it takes a twist I found ridiculous. But that’s the only thing I didn’t like about the book. Other then this I do like the story.
So yes I’d say it’s worth reading. You might even like the theory I just didn’t. But not everyone’s same.

I was given this book for a honest review

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