I am Become Apocolyspe ( I am Become Zombie Boook 2) by C.L Allen



The end of the world is nigh. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself as I chew my way through the jackass population of Pleasant Center…and let me tell you, there are a lot of them. What’s worse…they’ve figured out that we’re all here. It’s a firm pain in the ass.

See, I became a zombie a few weeks ago. Or days. Or months. Who fucking knows, at this point? But I set out with one goal. One idea to give my afterlife meaning. One finite way to ensure my anti-survival and give me shit to do. I wanted to kickstart the apocalypse. But as it turns out, I’m not the only one…

And he’s doing it better than me.



C. L. Allen was born in Houston, Texas and received an undergraduate degree in Physics while writing short fiction part-time. His second published piece, “I Am Become Apocalypse”, is the sophomoric entry to a proposed trilogy of short fiction chronicling the thoughts and actions of an unnamed college dropout who recently joined the growing population of zombies wandering about his city. C. L. Allen relates this character as a “loose version of [himself]”, though with a notably more cynical view of the world. Allen is a self-classified “writer of the ridiculous” and plans to continue writing well beyond completing his trilogy. And he most definitely did not write this description himself.


I loved ‘I am become Zombie’ the first book to this series and I have to say the same about this one. Its the most humorous zombie outlook you can imagine. it’s all told by the main character Zombie and he just keeps you laughing and guessing on what either his next move is going to be or his Arch of zombies as he calls them will do.or lead him into. even though he’s technically the leader.
I was laughing out loud at parts of this book. a lot of parts actually. I just love how the author writes. it’s one of the most enjoyable books I.have ever read when it comes to the ‘Zombie’ grene of books. I just love the style. it’s like no holding back. kinda day fits my personality. so.I can relate. there’s no sensor to C.L. he just writes what he thinks and makes a Damon good book out of it.
I was really happy to.read he’s writing a third book to this series and if he doesn’t go on with this one I sure hope he starts another.
he’s a great written and his imagination highly amuses me.

so.all you zombie fans out there read this book. it’s not your typical apocalypse book and I’m glad for that. not the same old same old. I wouldn’t have it any other way .
keep writing. C.L.and I’m here for the next one . ready and waiting.

I was given this for a honest review.

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