From A Solider’s Prospective by Michael LeeWomack


As soldiers who have just returned from war, we fight a separate war daily in an attempt to leave the war behind. Many soldiers, just like myself, come home from war only to fight a separate internal battle, with debilitating illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder (Ptsd) and depression. It was important for me to share my story not only for myself but for those who have fought, for those who have fallen, and for those who continue to wage war in order for the United States of America to continue to remain free. The price of freedom is not free. War is chaos, and many soldiers bear the scars from it for the rest of our lives.

Michael Lee Womack


On the seventeenth day of February 1987, Author and Poet Michael Lee Womack was born in the small town of Sanford, North Carolina. While coming up through elementary school, middle school, and high school Mr. Womack was extremely shy. Michael Lee Womack was extremely shy, but he had a love for the ladies. His love for the ladies would eventually give birth to his love for poetry. Whenever he was in middle school and high school he was specifically known for writing poems for every beautiful woman that he was too shy to speak to. In the summer of 2005, North Carolina Author & Poet “Michael Lee Womack” graduated from “Lee Senior High School”. Approximately one month later from reaching this landmark in his life, this young man became a part of something bigger than anything that he had ever been a part of at this time of his life, the “United States Army”. He enlisted into the United States Army on the 30th of June 2005. From there, he would embark on a journey unlike any other. He attended One Station Unit Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky so that he could serve his country as a 19 Delta Cavalry Scout. Upon the completion of his training at Fort Knox, Kentucky the United States Army assigned him to the 3rd Squadron, 4th U.S. Cavalry Regiment of the 25th Infantry Division. In the years of 2006- 2007 he would deploy as a “Calvary Scout” with 3rd Squardron 4th U.S. Calvary Regiment located out of the Pacific Island of “Hawaii,”. In the year of 2008 this hard working soldier was ready to move on to another duty station. His next landing spot in the army would once again be Fort Knox, Kentucky. While there he would spend the next year of his life in the 1st Squadron, 16th U.S. Cavalry working as the OPFOR that assisted in the training of freshly new army lieutenants. After spending the first three years of his army career serving honorably as a “Calvary Scout” this trooper sought to learn another skill. The great southern state of “Georgia” would soon be his next home as he continued his journey onto the home of the “United States Army Signal Corps” , also known as “Fort Gordon”. It would be there in which he would learn the skills required to be a “25 Sierra” “Satellite Communication Systems Operator/Maintainer”. After obtaining the knowledge required to carry out the duties of his new occupation he would continue to “soldier on” to “Fort Stewart, Georgia” home of the 3rd Infantry Division. As soon as he made way to his new Army family, “Charlie Company 4-3 BSTB” he deployed with them to Ramadi, Iraq in support of “Operation New Dawn” from the summer of 2010 to the summer of 2011. Three years after that he would see his army career come to a close, and on the 27th of May 2014 he was medically retired from the military. Upon his departure from the military Mr. Womack would have problems adjusting to civilian life, however, his first love, a.k.a. “poetry” saved him. Through your reading of his newest published book, “From A Soldier’s Perspective” he hopes that you gain much insight from it on what life was like for him as a soldier, as well as what life has been like for him as a veteran.



I was introduced to this book of poems tonight written from a U.S. Army Soldiers perspective on being in Iraq. Fighting for My Freedom. Your Freedom. Our Country..

Once I started reading I count stop. And I know if you pick this book up you won’t stop either.

I felt his pain in so many. I felt him healing in others. It’s very emotional. In a good and bad way. But the bad you shouldn’t hide from , you should know.

This is the Authors way of getting this horrible war out of his head, the things he saw the things he did , the loss of friends one in particular, I think haunts him, and telling us the things we do not know that they endure there and once they come home.. worst of all. Never feeling safe when you should.

This book of poems is emotional, heartbreaking, but also a eye opener to people who are ignorant to what goes on while these soldiers are fighting for us , our freedom.
To how they feel when they come home and nothing seems as it is to them. looking over their shoulders because they can’t leave those horrible images , memories behind awake or asleep.

What happens to them is told through these poems . This Solider bares his soul through these poems all in hopes of healing. And I hope it does work for him. I can’t see anyone more deserving after reading these but I know there are so many..He just has the courage to let us ,the readers in. He is a Hero..

These poems have became his drug of choice , as he Said so many return and lean on drugs, alcohol to get rid of the tortured thoughts , images & dreams . That we the people their protecting look down on them , some not all, that don’t want to understand what they go through, endure FOR US.!
I agree their are people who are very ignorant to what these people , these hero’s do for our Country to be free.

This book will clear that up for anyone who thinks it’s so easy or even pointless what these soldiers do for us. That don’t think about how they feel after their time is up and they come home or come home from being wounded or worse. I myself am grateful and this book has even made it clear to me , a person who knows what they go through in war not when they come home. I myself Never thought how bad it really is. I didn’t think in any way it was perfect , life goes back to normal just like that but I didn’t think it was as bad as I just read. It’s a definite eye opener.

If you don’t know a lot or anything about PTSD you will after reading this.

I felt so sad reading some of these poems but at the same time am happy that I know this one particular Solider is writing these to heal his mind. If this works for him I am happy for him.
I hope and pray it heals his mind and soul.

This book reminded me of things in my own life, under Very different circumstances that I overcame but was a struggle on a daily basis. I can relate to him in this way but in no way can I imagine what he goes through on a daily basis after what I just read in these poems.

I think this book is not only a great tool to helping other soldiers but any person who’s trying to overcome something extremely difficult in your life. If this book is not a inspiration then I don’t know what is.

I give this Man, this Soldier all the credit in the world for having the courage to write these feelings on paper and then publishing them, putting his heart and soul out there for everyone to read what he feels, what so many of these men and women feel once coming home after this war that seems will never end.

I highly recommend this book to. everyone.

Michael Lee Womack will always be a Hero in my eyes. I cannot Thank You enough for what you have done and continue to endure for your county..


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