The Shadow Rises by K.S Marsden

The Shadow Rises by K.S. Marsden


I received a copy of this book for a honest review: Its a struggle cause I did like this book alot . I really think the book could have been more planned out, At times going from one chapter to the next I’d feel I missed something &  I’d look back to make sure I didn’t skip pages. The story line was great it just seemed that a lot was skipped over or untold, you had to put it together yourself to make sense of things. I knew about Hunter before he did. Sophie I didn’t guess that one(no spoilers) but it did  all come together in the end. I think a lot could’ve been added to this book and it would’ve Been great. It needed more details. How the shadow witch came to be in the 1st place, Hunter should’ve figured out being 7th gen. what was up with him especially after finding Charlotte, I knew  what he was it was obvious. more on the witch hunters council would’ve been a great add and interesting. more on Charlotte  & Hunter , his long time love for her maybe a flashback of how it came about. Brian definitely could have been mentioned more & what was going on with him it was cut short. Also the mistake with Sophie’s eye color going back & forth from hazel to green drove me crazy. The proff reader should’ve spotted that. This was a short book so the author definitely could’ve made it longer adding so much more  detail.  No Offense to the Author so please take none!  I hope this review helps in your writing on book 2 🙂 , I’m dying to read!   I believe your a good writer it just felt like you wanted to finish to quickly.   I Definitely Do recommend this book to anyone who likes witch stories. A fast read.  I give it a 4 star because it was a good book but no reason it couldn’t have been a 5 star with a bit more thought put into it.  I really hope that  book 2 book is in the works because i can hardly wait to read what’s going to happen for Hunter and Sophie.

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