Above by Mackie Burt

Above by Mackie Burt


I have to say this is a very different kind of book , gives you a knew perspective on what death after life might be like. Its such an enjoyable read. The characters are all great and you get to know them all with no confusion, it doesn’t jump around and it has alot of unexpected twists. I usually can’t figure out a book before the end but I couldn’t figure out what was totally up with Callie. It was good to just finally read at the end instead of guessing before. It was hard to put down at any point you just want to keep reading. I’m even more impressed such a young girl wrote this book and I can’t wait for the next book to this series. I can’t even begin to imagine what Ms. Mackie has in store for us but I’m sure it will be great. I recommend this to all ages, Ya and up. Its a great. read and very well throughout and written.
I was given as copy for a honest review and honestly buy this book , you’ll want to read the entire series once its released.

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