Never Ever After Angel #2 by Mercy Cortez

by Mercy Cortez (Goodreads Author),  Edward Wolfe (Editor), Betlehem Fekade (Contributor), ‘William’ (Cover Artist)
Never Ever After: Angel (Never, #2)   4.0 of 5 stars
To be released May/June 2013
Final part of Never Ever After.
—-‘Forever…’ he smiled at me, expectant, knowing I knew the end of the ominous sentence. I grinned and waited a whole minute before responding ‘…and always’. He pulled me in and scooped me into his arms. We looked in each other’s eyes and he kissed my temple. I stayed happy, comfy in his embrace, and I asked him if he remembered when we first met. ‘Of course, Angel. How could I forget the day I met the most amazing girl in the world?’ I blushed, and he smiled, his eyes soft, and his hand now caressing my warm cheek. He continued while still holding my face gently in his hand. ‘I wasn’t your biggest fan, was I?’ He chuckled and watched as my lips curved into a smile. ‘Well, you were not my angel then. You were just like me; confused and all dark and twisty. I never liked anyone then. I could use a corny line and say, “our eyes met across a room full of completely fucked up strangers,” but it doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?’ He laughed; a sound I always loved, it was so natural and unguarded, soft, sweet and tempting. ‘Baby, you merely grunted during the first two sessions. Doctor Sheen always scowled at you for laughing at people’s problems…’ He quickly interrupted me. ‘Oh, come on, Sask. That one guy with his, “my Daddy pays for too much shit for me,” and that other one who was so desperate for the doctor to like her that she made up new issues every week. Even you rolled your eyes at her.’ He was serious, but he would play it so well, I couldn’t help but laugh. ‘So, Mr. Murcutio, what did you think when I stood up and had to talk about all my pointless issues?’ I knew what he thought. I was staring at him the whole time. He was completely unaware at first and then he lifted his gaze from the floor and looked at me, completely different. He listened unlike anyone else. ‘Well, I was interested. You’re an interesting specimen of a woman.’ I scoffed. ‘That’s the best compliment you’ve ever given me.’ ‘Oh, is it?’ he said sarcastically. ‘Well, I must change that, after all…’ he stared deep into my eyes again, so sweetly. ‘… You should know every day how intensely blue and dazzling your eyes are. They captivate me with one glance; so rich, so pure, and like you, absolutely stunning,’ he gushed. And he was so sincere; I blushed hard and smiled shyly. He would make me feel like I wanted to hide, and so I repeated the two words he said to me once when I told him how amazing he was. ‘Thank you.’ He pressed his soft mouth onto my lips. Perfection.
I was pulled and dragged from my dream, my memory. I felt fresh tears drip into my light blue, bloodshot eyes. I knew it was over; but even now, I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to see his face in my dreams; his perfect face; his low brow, caramel eyes, so soft; that gorgeous golden brown that in daylight sparkled and swam the depth of his warm, beautiful soul and stretched down to his huge heart. His slant mouth, soft pink lips, how I wanted to touch those lips. I would do almost anything for him to kiss me; his possessive lips and eager tongue invading my mouth, even the thought sent tingles up my numb spine and lifeless body. His light stubble and gentle goatee. His short chocolate coloured hair. I wanted my fingers through it, I wanted to finally inhale his scent like I did in my dream; I missed rarely dreaming. I think if I didn’t see him every single night I could maybe live my life, but it is all I have left. I missed him. God, how I missed him. I pulled myself out of bed and searched for a speck of the girl I knew in the mirror. She was gone. My light blue eyes held nothing except sadness and desperation; my cheeks sunken and pale white; my mousy blond hair was dry and my skin just as dead; I could clearly see my collarbone because I hadn’t been able to eat. It’s amazing to me; when your mind is fixed on one thing, you forget everything. You forget to eat and drink and care. The only thing I could never forget was him. Memories plagued my mind, so much happened in the year and a half that we were together and my mind needed to filter the good from the bad. He was gone. He wasn’t coming back. I had to accept that, didn’t I? I decided that maybe if I wrote every desperate thought out I could finally close the book; close my mind and live and forget, knowing all my memories were left in this book if I ever needed them again. He existed and we existed and no one could take that away. No one.

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