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  1. Congratulations on your ne endeavor!

  2. Hi, I’m looking for tour host for the following book Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tour is organizing a Book Tour for Twist, a Fiction, Romantic Suspense by Roni Teson. This Two Week Book Tour will run June 16-27, 2014, and this tour will include interviews, guest post, book reviews and or posting the content on your blog.

    An e-book will be provided for reviews.
    Genre: Fiction, Romance Suspense

    Author Bio
    Growing up in Southern California, I developed a love for the ocean and all things coastal. I lived inland for a few years in Atlanta, Phoenix, and Denver, only to be lured home by the sound of crashing waves and colorful sunsets.
    I wrote Heaven or Hell, my first novel, during my treatment for stage IV cancer. The day after the final edit of this book, the doctor told me that I was in remission. I believe writing was a critical part of my recovery, and now it’s integral to my life.
    I’m lucky. I have a passion that keeps me awake at night, friends who have been in my life for decades, family that supports my craziness, a home on the beach, many more novels in my head, and a body that is healed. I am forever grateful.

    A romantic suspense full of twists and turns . . . When a steamy incident in the back seat of a borrowed car plunges sixteen-year-old Beatrice Malcolm smack in the middle of a global manhunt, she discovers that the search for her fugitive father has more to do with her than she could ever imagine.
    With her mother gone, Bea’s life is unraveling in the worst possible way as she’s thrust into a world of government conspiracy, insanity, and mind-altering experimentation that forces her to make a life or death decision on who to believe—the FBI or her father.
    In Twist, Roni Teson has crafted a suspenseful tale of love, betrayal and intrigue with a cast of characters who will leap off the pages and stay in your heart long after the last page has been turned.

    Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1s_inFwReSwazh_FW_O-prggviFCyPULOvKivB5FpG94/viewform

    • Elder, I am so sorry I never got back to you. I have been very behind on my blog and just updated and noticed you contacted me 2 months ago. sorry life just happened and I haven’t had a break. since all this is over with if you would like a review done and just a regular page , posting I will be happy to do that. please leave me a comment and I will get back to you and not in 2 months. again I apologize.

  3. Lori,

    Thanks for visiting about dog kennels and rescues. I hope the two dogs with back surgeries are doing well.

    1. How can I get recognized as a Beta Reader, and how did you learn your skill?

    2. Have you ever, converted a book or manuscript to an Ebook format, and what resources did/would you use?

    3. Have you any experience in being an authorspal?

    4. Other than be an indie or published author, is there a way in this industry to draw some income?

    Thank you in advance.

    Lisa B.
    bigyellowworm@gmail.com (Use as Contact)

    • Hi Lisa,
      1st, I g it recognized as a beta reader from Connie ting with one author and her recommending me to more and more. Go on LinkedIn put your skills on.and usually you Will have someone request you read for them. I basically looked it up online and learned what is expected of you but that’s not how I started at all. I was just ask to read then noted everything I didn’t like, gave my options. On what I thought it should read like. I’d give notes on everything and anything I questioned. Beware some authors might ask for your opinion but get mad when.you do tell t h embassy something is horrible.
      I now read for one author strictly. Another from the UK that contacts me for inspiration mostly. She’s a great was a great help to me and the one I read for now takes criticism no questions, the way it should be and or explains why it is that way. Doesn’t get mad.
      As for converting no. I’ve never done that besides maybe from off to word for my own use. That’s basically easy. I’ve never done a ebook foray p url oink s rd s but I hear Apple is the best for that. But you need a Mac computer.
      3. I think I’m basically covered that already.
      4. If you blog you can get publishing companies that pay. I use some but I do not ask for money but they do.pay. you just have to look up pulling companies that pay to.post blog reviews, Hosting, tours etc
      You can Google that.
      Also you can charge for beta reading , again I don’t. Or editing. I’m not sure if you. Do that. I do but don’t charge
      I feel that indie authors are just trying to make it at 1st. If they do then you may get hired later on by them if they do very well
      it’s basically starting out in the field then moving up like any job but your not getting paid at 1st.
      If you want to generate money do the blog I g for publishers. T h heir a lot of companies out there looking for promotional help.
      Hope that helped.
      Contact me anytime if you have a question you think.I can answer.

      • You, rock. I want to Beta read. I want to learn more from someone you may no, who formats for Ebooks without an Apple Product. I wonder if being an, authorspal, is anything.

        I’m a broken record, I want, I want, I want! I’m never like this! I am usually a doormat.

        Please forgive me?

        If your connections, have a newbie connection, please hint for them to give me a try at Beta Reading.

        With the exception of actual punctuation grooming, etc., and being a published magazine, newspaper or book author, please shout out anything that I’ve missed.

        My husband would like just $.50, added to our account. It would justify my constant reading, and negligence in all else.

        In addition, I suck big time at blogging. I started one in WordPress? My friend Andrea started one for me elsewhere, and I need to start over. It needs to be bigyellowworm with caterpillars and such or something. Easy for an idiot to operate. Easy for people to post. Just a ,101 Level. Do you recommend which place to land your blog, or someone simpathetic to start one for me and hold my hand briefly? Let me know. Please laugh with me!

        I have a shadow of one on Word Press, called chunkysoupmom
        I’d like Lisa B.
        Password: Winchester1

        Happy landings,
        Lisa B.
        (Lisa V. Black)
        25728 Eastpoint Rd., RR 2
        Tremont, IL. 61568

      • Hi Lisa,
        if you need to change the background you usually have to buy the blog which on here is kind of expensive. I have another blog on google which I don’t use but its really cool looking. I paid for that one. I just neer picked up as many followers for some reason so I have to two kind of linked but I never poston it anymore.
        so i’m afraid you stuck with what wordpress has to offer free.
        mine would have been changed long ago had I not had ot go that route.
        actually I need ot cancel the other blog thinking about it since I been paying for it and do not use it.
        i’d suggest just looking through the free blog pics andpicking whats best for you or doding it plain like mine and color it up.
        I wish you could add without buying but it doesn’t work that way.
        of go to google and create a blog.
        check mine out.
        its http;//readinreviewin.com
        as for making money as a beta reader that’s pretty much a not!
        blogging you can if you hook up with the right publishers.
        like I said I do not charge.
        just google them and request to do posts and ask them about income for doing it.

        have a good day.

      • Hey! I found my blog! Crap!

      • Hey! How do I know, if you’ll get a ringy-dingy, and others like John, Hi, John!, when I post something? John’s said, ‘following’….but I can’t tell on yours. Hey! I’ve had four views! I’m probably the other two.

      • Oops, do I have to buy the chalkboard thing? I also tried to change the name to bigyellowworm, you see how well that worked.

      • I have no idea what the ring dingy thing is. You don’t have to buy the background. Use free. I’d why you can’t change things. Go.on support

      • Luv ya! Thank you, thank you!

        Lisa B.

  4. I love your blog!

  5. I love your blog!

    Ok….how do I get my encyclopedia off your blog?

    Man….I hate it when I think it’s an email….

    Ok wold … Chime in.

    Lori! Please kill it! Please!

  6. Thanks bying the way. I got some new reviewing coming this week. .

  7. Lori? Where is the garbage can? I need to delete all the nonsense, I posted to your blog, early on, please…

  8. I have no idea. I think I would have to maybe go in settings and delete it. I’m look when I get a min.

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